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How to Play North Korea for Big Profits That Most Investors Will Miss

I've spent 36 years in global markets as a consultant, analyst, and trader, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that the biggest profits frequently stem from the most unthinkable situations.

Like peace in North Korea.

Most investors simply cannot process what's happened, and as usual, the mainstream media isn't helping. In fact, news related to the historic summit between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un has all but vanished from the world's front pages.

But not from my attention.

I call this the "Rule of the Back Page" – because that's where stories like this one get buried before becoming front-page news again.

Savvy investors like the legendary Jim Rogers, Warren Buffett, and the late Sir John Templeton know this all too well. That's why they're frequently "on the hunt" at times when almost no one else thinks to dig up opportunity.

Present company excepted, of course.

What I want you to understand is that getting ahead of major global events can be a source of huge, life-changing wealth if you play your cards correctly...


The Best Turnaround Play I Can Find Is Still Under $5 (for Now)

Quick! What do the following have in common?

    … Gordon Ramsay

    … Kim Kardashian

    … Major League Baseball

They're all third-party personalities and licensed brands for one of the hottest turnaround plays I can find in one of the hottest sectors going – mobile gaming.

Best of all, shares are still under $5.

Ordinarily, this wouldn't interest me for a New York minute. My family and I would rather be out living life than watching it or playing games about others living theirs. However, that's not true for millions.

And that's, of course, your entry...


Here's What President Trump's Opinion Means for Amazon Stock

I'm sure you've seen the news…

President Trump versus

And now Amazon is in limbo – and waiting for stipulations to be placed by the U.S. government.

This coupled with the absurd volatility in the U.S. equity markets has not bode well for AMZN through the month of March – including a 6% drop in its share price.

But regardless of the political rhetoric surrounding the online retail giant – my Money Calendar is flashing some interesting numbers about the future of this stock.

It's even suggesting a potential profit opportunity...


This Isn't the End for the Tech Titans

Tech stocks have led the market higher for years, and now they're dragging it down. But we are far from the end of tech's era.

What we've seen in the markets recently is an expected, albeit abrupt, interruption in a mega-trend that's going to continue for decades – maybe even forever.

We only have to look at the two hardest-hitting tech darlings to see what's happening right now.

Here's how far this will all go, and how to play this situation for all it's worth...

Trading Strategies

Don't Fall for These Buyback Schemes - This Is Where the Real Profits Are

When it comes to corporate tax cuts and repatriated cash from overseas, a lot has been written about how much will go into share buybacks. But not enough has been said about dividend growth.

Investors need to look past buyback schemes and look to which companies are increasing their dividends from tax cuts and repatriation – especially investors who like a steady income.

Dividend growers will be the big, long-term winners in the tax cut and repatriation game.

Here's why dividend growth is a hugely important, yet consistently overlooked, factor in profiting in the best and easiest way this year...


Why the Toys R Us Shutdown Is Good for Your Portfolio

Yesterday (March 15), Toys R Us confirmed plans to liquidate its U.S. business.

Last September, the beloved toy store filed for bankruptcy.

They've already closed 180 of their 800 stores, but shutting them all down was never part of their original plan (it never is). Expectations were for a re-structuring of the company that would prevent that from happening.

Fast-forward to this week's announcement of the closing of their remaining stores permanently.

Now for many, this is pretty unsettling news. Toys R Us has been a household name – a childhood favorite. Making that trip to the pick out the perfect toy for being good or getting outstanding grades was something a lot of us looked forward to when we were kids.

And for parents, the memories of battling holiday mobs to get the last Tickle Me Elmo or a Cabbage Patch Doll still bring laughter around the family table.

So hearing that another Goliath like Toys R Us – one you'd always think would be around – is closing is enough for some traders and investors to start dumping all their retail shares.

But that's actually one of the worst things to do, especially to your portfolio - here's why...


The Easiest Way to Find the Richest Oil & Gas Plays

Multiples are one of the most popular "yardsticks" when it comes to finding undervalued oil and gas stocks to buy.

More often than not, that involves a hard look at the multiple of a company's earnings to determine whether or not a stock is fairly valued.

In the case of energy stocks, however, there is a more important multiple you need to understand. Much more important, in fact, and more reliable, too.

I generally use it to target oil and natural gas stocks, although the "yardstick" can be tweaked to apply to power producers, and even coal and uranium miners.

It's a way to cut through some of the fast and loose "games" management can play with its reserves, too, and to get a more accurate feel for a company's booked reserves and its trading price.

Ultimately, my yardstick takes into consideration the extractable reserves a company has in the ground and opens up a window into how that stock should trade.

I've used this measure time and again to bring home market-beating double- and triple-digit wins.

Once you understand how to use this yardstick, you can too.

It's easy - here's how it works...


The Power of Dividend Stocks for Your Nest Egg Portfolio

Every schoolchild knows the fable of "The Tortoise and the Hare" – in their famous race, the tortoise kept on at a steady plod while the speedy hare got bored and took a nap. Eventually – surprise! – the tortoise crossed the finish line first, because "slow and steady wins the race."

That fable sums up the popular divide between "traders" and "investors," too. Would you rather get in and get out with the hope of quick profits… or buy and hold, trusting that your nest egg will grow bit by bit? (The tale is biased in the tortoise's favor, but you will find plenty of hares arguing for the other side.)

The good news is… with our "10-Minute Millionaire Solar System," you can have both.

Last week, we kicked off a new series here at 10-Minute Millionaire with a video in which we discuss a "solar system" with your nest egg at the center and other profit opportunities orbiting around the outside.

Today, we're going to crack that nest egg open just a bit and take a "peep" at the profitable goodies inside...

Trading Strategies

What a 10-Year Yield at 3% Really Means for Your Money

Today I'd like to talk to you about the 10-year note and, specifically, why you're hearing so much about it lately.

It's approaching 3%, and that's got traders "on edge" and your money is at risk… or so goes the story, according to dozens of headlines I just scanned.

Yet, that's not a reason to get uptight.

When you read between the lines, what's happening is (a) entirely understandable and (b) potentially very profitable.

Here's the skinny...