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Our Shift in Retirement Planning Has Made Us All Dependent on the Stock Market (and What to Do About It)

We're in the middle of the worst global health crisis since 1918. That in turn has precipitated the worst economic crisis in 12 years, though it may very well prove to be worse than the decade-long Great Depression of 1929.

Unemployment is at record highs; Thursday's print of 1.877 million new claims was worse than expected, and would've been unthinkable as recently as Presidents Day.

The world is wracked by the worst geopolitical tension since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, and our cities are inflamed by the worst civil unrest since Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated in 1968.

And the markets are within sight of their February highs. The Nasdaq is up almost 8% for the year; the Dow Jones and S&P 500 are off just 8% and 4%, respectively.

And still the Nasdaq is up almost 8% for the year, while the Dow and the S&P 500 are down only about 8% and 4%.

The market is a big, complicated, discounting mechanism. In Business 101, we're taught stock prices reflect future earnings.

But, on balance, companies are not going to make 4% or 8% less than they would during good times. No, the drop in earnings for the second quarter of 2020 is going to be much, much steeper.

But if you listen to the news media, or investment banks' analyst desks, or to government officials, they'll repeat this old story about "future earnings" anyway.

Folks, this is probably the biggest Reality Gap in the country right now. It's the Reality Gap of the decade. And, as always, there are big profits to be had in that gap.

You see, stock markets are no longer about owning a share of a company's future earnings. It's no longer an arena where investors win by making the best long-term predictions, and traders win by predicting what investors will do next.

The truth is that the Big Four – News Media, Madison Ave, Big Government, and the Wall Street Heavyweights – have together turned stock markets into something else altogether.

The Big Four have turned rising markets into a good, much like tap water, public libraries, or electric utilities.

Once you see how and why that's happened, profits await… Full Story

Once you see how and why that's happened, profits await... Full Story

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How to Profit from Big-Money Stocks for Pennies on the Dollar

Shelling out money for shares that cost $1,000 apiece can be off-putting, no matter their actual value or how well they perform.

Never mind that "cheap" is often cheap for a good reason; there's an understandable, but mostly incorrect, perception that the lower the share price, the better the bargain.

But it's undeniable: Stocks like Alphabet Inc., Autozone Inc., and Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. are all caught up in dynamite trends.

They're far outpacing the market, and there's no reason for them to stop anytime soon.

And yet, plenty of regular investors take a look at the quote and think they'll have to settle for fractional shares, or worse, give the company a miss altogether.

So today, our Chris Johnson is going to share the cure for "Stock Sticker Shock."

So today, I'm going to share the cure for "stock sticker shock." Anyone can use it to ride mammoth profit trends in pricey shares for a fraction of the cost of holding them...

Trading Strategies

You Don't Need a Ton of Money to Build Your Wealth

There's one important point that I make sure to remind my readers of often because it keeps them on the path to wealth when they're tempted to step out onto the sidelines.

It's easy to forget this or get discouraged during your investing journey. Even seasoned investors can have moments of doubt when they hit a setback. But the powerful truth is that it's completely real and achievable.

The message is this: It's absolutely possible to become a millionaire, even without a lot of money to start with.

And the key to turning a little into a lot is surprisingly simple.

Now, one hurdle to overcome is to not let yourself be "beaten" before you even start.

I've seen it happen. People fall prey to get-rich-quick schemes, fancy trading seminars, and all sorts of investing-related hooey that races across the Internet. Worse, they decide they're only going to "lose" so much in the effort to line up big profits.

Building real wealth takes diligent effort, focus, and discipline. There will be ups and downs. There will be losses along the way.

But don't believe anyone – even the voice inside your head – telling you that it's not possible. You can turn a little into a lot.

The answer isn't money. It's time.

Let me show you… Full Story

Let me show you... Full Story

Trading Strategies

These “Big A” Stocks Can Put Your Grandchildren Through College

You remember those FANG stocks? They were the stocks you couldn't afford not to own for years. There was, as we have discussed many times, simply no reason to leave 'em behind.

It's a different story now, though. Two of the four original FANG stocks are likely to fall precipitously next year, if not fail outright within the next five years.

You've got to reshuffle the proverbial deck if you want to stay in the hunt for big profits. And you want to start by investing in a group of very special companies that pay you to buy their stock.

I call 'em the "Big A's" – and they could return five times the broader markets over the next five years. They could also account for more than 50% of all stock market gains in the next decade.

The "Big A's" are where you want to line up big future profits now. So let's get to it...


Microsoft’s CEO Could Take Your Profits as High as the “Clouds”

Last Friday, I showed you how tech is the single best source for achieving true wealth.

It's literally the only place where you can take a handful of stocks, maybe even just one big winner, and cash out with $1 million in the bank.

Specifically, I revealed how MSFT precisely fit the bill. On its way to grabbing a $1.1 trillion market cap, the stock made savvy investors wealthy.

To put that into perspective, $25,000 worth of MSFT stock in early 1994 would be worth an amazing $1.2 million today.

But Microsoft's run is far from over. Just during the last five years, the company has made a series of shrewd moves that have put it on pace to become a $2 trillion stock.

Simply stated, Microsoft leaves no stone unturned in the search for new growth.

And - as I'll show you today - I see the storied leader doubling in value again in five years or less...


This Company Can Secure Your E-Mails - and Your Financial Future

If you want to become a high-tech millionaire, sometimes all you have to do is check your email.

Let me explain. In four days, I received two emails purporting to help me with e-commerce issues.

Good thing I didn't open them. Each one was a "phishing expedition."

That's the term we use when you get an email that looks legit but actually is an attempt to steal your financial data or launch an attack on your computer.

The reason why I am telling you this now is that odds are pretty good you will receive at least one yourself. And during the frenzy that is Christmas shopping, you may get careless – and hacked.

So, at the very least, today's chat may save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

It also will help keep your key financial data secure from cyber thieves who have used bogus emails to do at least $12.5 billion in financial damages.

Even better, I'm going to reveal a cyber leader that is exactly the type of stock that can hand you a 7-figure return in a few short years...

Trading Strategies

How to Maximize Profit Opportunity in a World Turned Upside-Down

"How do I keep my money safe?"

It's a question on the minds of many investors – and rightly so, given last week's hijinks. First there was China, then politics, then rates… a trifecta of sorts.

The ugly truth, as we saw perfectly illustrated last week, is that too many people wait until a major market move is already in progress before they start thinking about how to protect their portfolio.

These folks are starting from five steps back. For many investors – especially those who have just worked up the courage to get back in, having gotten shellacked in the global financial crisis a decade ago – this couldn't have happened at a worse time. They're scared and frustrated.

But if you take the approach I'm going to talk about today, you'll find market dips are just a speed bump in the path to profits...