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Why Bill Ackman Is Still Buying Stocks Even Though "Hell Is Coming"

Shortly after legendary fund manger Bill Ackman gave an emotional, half hour interview about the fate of the American economy on CNBC yesterday, stocks fell so hard and fast trading was halted.

If you listened to what he said, the market's response wasn't a mystery.

He said the crisis was so bad that "America will end as we know it" and "hell is coming."

Restaurants, hotels, and airlines will all go out of business, according to Ackman.

He says shares of Hilton Hotels (NYSE: HLT) will drop to $0 in the next 18 months if nothing is done.

But Ackman's doomsday predictions might've made him a lot of money yesterday.

It was all by design.

While everyone ran for the door, those who read between the lines followed his lead...

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The Aphria Bear Raid Is a Gift in Disguise for Weed Investors

In a blistering month for stocks, Aphria has had a particularly bumpy ride.

The Leamington, Canada-based cannabis company was the target of some explosive (and, as we'll see, spurious) allegations from, as it turns out, a firm with substantial short interest. This is a common enough occurrence in the stock market, as Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman's legendary "long vs. short" battle royale over Herbalife Nutrition illustrates. 

The short-seller's allegations focus only on Aphria and one other, small company: Toronto, Ont.-based SOL Global Investments. They have nothing to do with other cannabis firms we follow at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors

But, since the short attack and furious price action last week, I wanted everyone to know what's really happening with Aphria.

It's the truth you won't hear anywhere else - and, even better, a beautifully wrapped-up December buying opportunity... Full Story