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Who Owns 5G Patents and Technology?

5G revolution is already underway, but who owns 5G patents and technology? With so

many companies worldwide jumping into 5G, it can be hard to find which ones actually

have patents on the technology. Fortunately, Money Morning has done the research for

you and figured out which companies are leading in 5G technology.

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Trading Strategies

My Favorite "One-Two Punch" for Profiting from Wild Volatility

It looks like until we get a trade deal – which won't be anytime soon – we can count on uncertainty, volatility, and this desperate, headline-driven action to continue.

Now, being tempted to go to cash and get out of the way would be an expensive mistake, because you can make some nice money on the up-down volatility that's going to be with us for a while.

Here's the simple way to cash in on it...


This Electric Vehicle Stock Is Your Backdoor Play into the Surging Industry

If you have any doubt that electric vehicles are an unstoppable trend in the $1.7 trillion global auto sector, then consider the recent big racket made by Volkswagen AG (OTC:VWAGY).

The company just stepped up its commitment to EVs by saying it intends to produce 22 million of them in the next decade alone.

And I've uncovered a great electric vehicle stock that is a play on the entire EV movement. It's also like owning an exchange traded fund (ETF) on the future of auto technology…

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