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Building Fast Profits on an Iron Mountain

I remember the days of loading a paper tape or punch cards into a device hooked up to my dad’s computers. The rolls of tape got larger until they turned to floppy drives, the hard drives. It was around that time that my dad told me that one day, data would turn into the most […]

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Markets Live Recap: The Most Important Sector to Watch as the Stock Rally Continues

The Dow traded 1% higher today despite a triple whammy of events working against logic.

Social unrest continues to be prevalent as protests ensued across the country.

Signs are showing the coronavirus recovery may be slower than expected even as summer gets under way.

And tensions between the world's two largest economies in the United States and China prolonged as China continues using Hong Kong as a political pawn in the trade war.

But either way the market breaks next, our experts – Chris Johnson and Shah Gilani – are prepared to help investors make money now.

Here's what they saw today, June 2...


Best 5G Stocks to Invest in for 2020

If you're wondering where to invest in 2020, there's probably no better place than 5G stocks.

5G is likely the biggest trend set to take shape over the next 12 months.

And 5G speeds are igniting sectors like driverless autos and robot surgery.

Underneath all of that, though, certain companies are working behind the scenes to make all of this happen.

They may not be shooting rockets or designing some new form of artificial intelligence, but they're basically the engine behind it all.

That makes today's stock picks the surest path to profit in the 5G industry, and the best 5G stocks in 2020.

In fact, one of our best 5G stocks right now could soar 139%.



The Top Dividend Stocks to Buy All Yield Over 4%

Many income-seeking investors are tempted to pounce on the dividend stocks with yields in the double digits, but the savviest investors look for reliable firms that can pay dividends over the long term.

While a high dividend in the double digits may sounds like a no-brainer investment, these can actually be some of the worst stocks to own.

In fact, it could be a red flag that the firm may not be able to pay a dividend that big for much longer.

Fortunately, we've found three of the top dividend stocks to buy that offer great yields over 4%, but are also safe and stable.