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Markets Live Recap: The Most Important Sector to Watch as the Stock Rally Continues

The Dow traded 1% higher today despite a triple whammy of events working against logic.

Social unrest continues to be prevalent as protests ensued across the country.

Signs are showing the coronavirus recovery may be slower than expected even as summer gets under way.

And tensions between the world's two largest economies in the United States and China prolonged as China continues using Hong Kong as a political pawn in the trade war.

But either way the market breaks next, our experts – Chris Johnson and Shah Gilani – are prepared to help investors make money now.

Here's what they saw today, June 2...


These Two "Self-Storage" REITs Are Already Showing Signs of Breaking Out in 2020

The best way to get the benefits of strong yield and price upside is to invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs).

These alternative assets provide investors with cash-churning real estate properties that produce strong dividends and significant appreciation upside…

Typically, investors think of commercial real estate or retail centers when they think of REITs.

But there's one growing sector that is poised for big gains based on rising demand and demographic shifts across the United States.

I'm talking about the "self-storage" industry.

Nearly 20% of all self-storage properties fall under the ownership of the largest American self-storage REITs.

Here they are...


3 Top REITs to Buy When Interest Rates Drop Today

Around the globe, interest rates are falling.

The European Central Bank just cut rates once again and introduced new stimulus measures.

Also, roughly $17 trillion in global debt now produces negative yields for investors.

The downtick in global rates has spurred increasing demand for non-interest producing assets like gold and silver.

Unfortunately, investors are once again ignoring and remain improperly allocated to one of the best assets to own with lower rates: real estate.