My Favorite Cannabis "Vape" Company Just Made a Savvy Move

Even if you're not a cannabis investor, you've likely heard of the so-called "vaping crisis."

So far, no reputable, licensed cartridge or "e-device" manufacturers' products have been

linked to the epidemic and instead, the attention is on illicit "bootleg" cartridges. And now,

one marijuana company has made a move to not only protect itself, but also its market

share and consumers.

Here's why this is so exciting...

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This High-Flying Marijuana Stock Could Be Headed for the Nasdaq

Catalysts can be any number of things including a new product development, a merger, trends, etc.
One of my favorite catalysts is when a stock gets uplisted onto a popular stock exchange like Nasdaq.
Today, we’ll show you a marijuana stock that’s poised to make the leap from the OTC markets to the Nasdaq…

Today, we’ll show you a marijuana stock that’s poised to make the leap from the OTC markets to the Nasdaq…


This U.S. Cannabis Firm Could Be Next on the Nasdaq

We've talked about some of the unique challenges facing legitimate United States-based cannabis companies – challenges that come from its illegal status at the federal level.

Banking is one challenge; marijuana firms in the states have an incredibly difficult time accessing those services for fear of running afoul of Uncle Sam's money laundering statutes.

Achieving a listing on the Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange is another problem – and one with even more of an impact on investors. It effectively cuts off the company and its shareholders from the $20 trillion in capital that trades in the "big leagues."

Most American marijuana firms have to offer shares "on the pink sheets," in the smaller, markedly less liquid over-the-counter markets.

The other day, I showed you one U.S. cannabis company that took an ingenious "shortcut" route through a wall of red tape to list on the Nasdaq; it's the dawn of what I called a "$20 trillion tomorrow."

That tomorrow may come sooner than anyone realizes – because another American marijuana firm is making a play for its Nasdaq listing.

Here's what you need to know...

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The Dollar Value of the U.S. Weed Market Is Already Huge

The marijuana market as a whole is a lot like the Grand Canyon – it looks fantastic up close, but from a distance, it's absolutely breathtaking.

Last year, total marijuana sales – legal and black market – in the United States topped $86 billion. In 2018, all across the country, nearly 49 million people spent an average of $1,755 each on marijuana.

The thing is, some $68 billion of that was from totally illegal black market sales.

But that still leaves us with around $18 billion in legal transactions. For comparison, that's about the size of the U.S. urgent care healthcare segment in 2018.

So the "$68 billion question," as it were, is how quickly that "legal gap" will close and start putting mega-profits in pot stock investors' pockets.

The short answer: much faster than anyone out there is predicting. Bringing illicit sales into the legal "light" doesn't require convincing new customers to try something new; no new consumption habits need to be formed.

It's a well-established market, full of folks just waiting to fork over their money.

And they will fork it over by the truckload...