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Here's the Best $1 Trade on Raytheon Right Now

Two of America's biggest defense contractors turned their earnings in this past week, and the results were… mixed.

Raytheon Technologies reported a solid beat on earnings per share, and the stock went up, but Lockheed Martin took a beating for missing on earnings expectations – a heckuva way for investors to treat the company that just this past Wednesday replaced Boeing as the world's biggest aerospace and defense operation.

But the common thread here is both companies' extremely iffy forward guidance on aircraft and equipment sales; forecasts were much lower than expected, and that's kept interest pretty tepid.

That's going to be the key to unlocking some profits on a trade that I think Wall Street just isn't looking for right now… Full Story

That's going to be the key to unlocking some profits on a trade that I think Wall Street just isn't looking for right now...


Space Stocks to Buy in 2021

Over the weekend, we found out that the year-old United States Space Force members would be known from now on as "Guardians."

While it brought on the inevitable comparison to Walt Disney Co.'s (NYSE: DIS) Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, it is worth noting that Space Force is shaping up as we near 2021.

While still in infancy, the space industry is building steam.

And we now have a few space stocks to buy headed into the new year.



Grow Your Portfolio with This Company That's Saving the Space Sector

Outer space is filling up with dangerous junk.

With 10,000 new satellites slated to be launched in the next three years, the potential for danger is soaring.

Luckily, Michael’s identified a company focused on keeping the crowded space above the Earth safe.

It just made a key merger to become a true space traffic controller.

And it’s set to double earnings in just a little over three years….


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A Robot Pilot Shot Down an F-16 - and That Makes This Tiny Defense Stock a "Buy"

Back on Aug. 20, a U.S. Air Force pilot climbed into an F-16 "simulator" – in essence, a digital copy that does everything a real Lockheed Martin Fighting Falcon can do – and squared off in a "dogfight" against an artificial intelligence robot.

The result: The AI robot shot the human pilot down in flames.

Digitally speaking, of course.

The shoot-down of a human F-16 pilot was part of a multi-day dogfight competition sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In fact, it played out in the grand finale of that DARPA "Air Combat Evolution" (ACE) competition – and meant that an AI "algorithm" was crowned as champ.

A robot is America's Top Gun.

It's a next key step in the "Drones Revolution" I've been chronicling for my Private Briefing subscribers.

And for investors like you, it means a hefty "wealth window" has been pushed wide open.

We're talking total "Blue Sky" profits… Full Story

We're talking total "Blue Sky" profits...