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Here's a Rich Contrarian Profit Play on the United Kingdom's Brexit Problems

The UK has recently appointed Boris Johnson as its new prime minister during its "Brexit" departure from the European Union.

Now not paying attention to what's happening in Britain is an expensive mistake.

So today, Garrett's going to walk you through the big changes underway in Britain and even bigger changes that could rock markets in short order. Plus, this stock will put you in the best position to profit...


Restaurant Stocks Are Crushing the Market - Here Are the 3 Best

Last week, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said that the central bank would continue to provide accommodations to bolster U.S. economic growth. While the economy might be in the final stages of a bull run, central banks around the globe are set to offer rate cuts, new stimulus, and everything else to try to arouse […]

That's why we turn to the Money Morning Stock VQScore™...