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Buy Now: MSFT and GOOGL Will Soar Under Divided Government (the Gains Are Already Starting)

As of midday Thursday, we've still got no definitive result from the Nov.

3 election.

Indeed, it's still anyone's game.

And the markets are loving it.

So D.R.

appeared on FOX Business' Varney & Co.

to talk about why stocks were rallying with so much up in the air, and he even named the two stocks he thinks will be truly outstanding performers in this environment…



Why Stocks Are Up Right Now (and What to Do About It)

The stock market went off on a sudden tear this week and there's no signs of it slowing down soon.

The sudden change caught just about everyone by surprise too, so we wanted to show you exactly why.

You might be scratching your head a bit about what's causing that.

Even more importantly, you might want to know how long it's going to last before putting some cash back into this market.

We're going to break it all down for you so you know exactly what's going on before you dive in.

Plus, we'll show you the most profitable way to do it too...


3 Stocks to Buy Now as Markets Get into Rally Mode

All eyes are on "battleground states" as they race to tally up all their mail-in votes – which could take days, according to the latest reports.

Eventually, we will have an answer, but the uncertainty hasn't slowed down the stock market one bit.

The Dow has raced 5% higher this week and it could be on track to head even higher as we get more clarity on who won.

If you've been keeping your powder dry in these uncertain markets, then right now could be an excellent time to jump in.

As investors, the best action now is to focus on companies that will deliver outstanding returns no matter what the politicians do next year.

Today I'm giving you three stocks we're buying now because of their solid long-term potential, no matter what we learn about who will be in Washington for the next four years.



Why Big Tech Stocks Have Nothing to Fear from Antitrust Suits

Many investors in Big Tech stocks were likely concerned when they heard that the Department of Justice had filed am antitrust suit against Google.

After all, antitrust rumors have dogged every Big Tech company for years.

But now it looks like regulators are getting serious.

While thing may look ominous, the chances are very good the Big Tech companies won't feel much pain from antitrust actions.

In fact, investors may well come out ahead…


Rich Investors Are Buying These 2 Tech Stocks Now

Rich investors are taking advantage tech stocks right now.

According to Dataroma, a website that tracks 68 of the world's top billionaire portfolio managers like Buffett, Marks, Ackman and more, five of the top stocks rich investors own are Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple.

This is unsurprising, as these are some of the biggest and most popular stocks in the world.

What is more interesting and useful for retail investors like us, however, are the stocks they're buying now that are flying under the radar.

Thanks to the SEC filings billionaire portfolio managers are required to submit quarterly, we can track exactly which companies these are.

This will give you an advantage over most investors because you're essentially getting inside info on the stocks the big guys are buying that other people don't know about yet…


Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Could Bounce Back from Monday's Heavy Losses

The Dow Jones today will attempt to rebound from Monday’s huge selloff.

Markets started the week under pressure due to a surge of new COVID-19 cases across the United States.

There is also doubt that Congress and the White House will come together on a stimulus relief plan by the election.

President Donald Trump faces off against rival Joe Biden next Tuesday.

Let’s see what else is moving the Dow Jones now….