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The "COVID-19 Trigger Effect" Means Cash Is Trash - and Makes This Payment Innovator a Stock You Have to Own

So far, the "COVID-19 Trigger Effect" has been igniting many opportunities.

Some of these include a big surge in e-commerce, a huge migration into plant-based meat replacements, an accelerating adoption of "telemedicine" apps, a hefty spike in video-streaming, and a way-before-expected move into e-sports.

Today, our Bill Patalon's got yet another COVID-19 Trigger Beneficiary trend.

He's calling this one the "Cash-Is-Trash Effect," which comes with a possible Bitcoin tailwind.

And I've got the winner for you...

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Why the Pandemic – and the E-Sports Trend – Just Supercharged a Favorite Wealth Play

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this year's sports seasons – pro and college – tumbled like dominos.

When the NBA announced it would suspend its season, the NCAA basketball "March Madness" tourney had actually started (St. John's and Creighton played a full half). The NHL stretch run was poised to be among the most exciting in years.

Major League Baseball players were playing Grapefruit League games when the season was put on hold and players sent home (initially an act of mercy since my team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, was as lousy as expected). The PGA canceled a slew of events and said the Masters in Augusta was postponed.

NASCAR launched its season, ran its first four races – including hallmark Daytona 500 – said it would continue without fans, and then reversed course and postponed events until further notice. And the 2020 Summer Olympics were postponed – they'll now be played in 2021.

You don't fully realize just how important something is in your life until it's taken away. And sports of all types fill the bill. We watch sports on TV, stream them on our phones, watch them live with friends, play them ourselves, watch our kids play, and often coach them, too. And the hardcore fans among us read about them – incessantly.

When something like that is taken away – especially when it's taken away instantly – well, it creates a dark chasm that's impossible to fill. I mean, how many "NFL mock draft" stories, videos, or podcasts can you handle?

But something very interesting just happened as a result of this "sports outage." One pro sport took a flier, conducted a broadcasting experiment, and ended up with a smash hit on its hands. And that "hit" has made me more confident than ever about one stock to buy for your long-term portfolio – right now.

Let me share the story of this "experiment," the billion-dollar trend it ignited, the name of the stock – and why this spotlights a hefty upside for this tech firm… Full Story

Let me share the story of this "experiment," the billion-dollar trend it ignited, the name of the stock - and why this spotlights a hefty upside for this tech firm... Full Story


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It’s likely to be a blowout year for initial public offerings.

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Why the Cloud Gaming Industry Is Really Growing 545%

The cloud gaming industry was worth $387 million last year, but analysts expect it to grow to $2.5 billion by 2023. That’s 545% growth, and believe it or not, most of it is going to one company. This has a lot to do with video games hitting the mainstream. What used to be for kids and college dropouts is now a pastime for many middle-aged adults – it’s even a growing professional sport. This industry is getting a huge shake-up.


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How to Tune Out and Cash In Big in a Scary Market

If you've ever felt like you're being relentlessly bombarded with information, you're onto something. And if there's any doubt, I've got the numbers to prove it.

Data varies, but the average person sees between 5,000 and 10,000 advertisements a day. That's up as much as 9,900% from when I was growing up, when that figure was less than 100.

We've been led to believe, or – dare I say "sold on the idea" – that the multitasking enabled by so much information is good for us. We're supposed to be better surgeons, better thinkers, better pilots, better people – heck – better everything because of the connected world.

The ongoing trade war with China is a perfect example...