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These High-Dividend Stocks Are the Perfect Remedy for Market Uncertainty

After hitting record highs in the middle of the pandemic, stock indexes are suddenly falling into the red.

That makes this the perfect time to shift some money out of more speculative assets into more durable high-dividend stocks that can pay you cash for owning them.

That's a tried and true strategy for fighting the uncertainty in markets.

Here are our top three picks...


A Conspiracy of Greed: How to Play the Rigged Game for Profit

Knowing how things got to where they are is one thing. Knowing what steps to take to arrest and reverse the widening income and wealth gaps in the United States is another thing.

Here's the thing that matters now.

Until things change (which would have to be winter, because it will be a cold day in hell), the game is the game. The crony capitalists own it and make the rules, and the only way to beat them is to join them.

I don't mean join them literally; I mean play the game the way they do. Make money the way they do.

In general, crony capitalists are all "renters" of financial assets. They're all playing the markets. It's the game they know best and own lock, stock, and barrel. So, anyone wanting to ascend the wealth ladder has to be in the game.

Today, I'm sharing how to play this rigged game… plus responding to my favorite reader comments.

Let's start with four lucrative ways to beat crony capitalists at their own game...