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The Dow Jones Industrial Average Ticks Higher with Trump Impeachment Vote Pending

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up this morning as investors weigh today's impeachment vote in Washington D.C.

Reports indicate that the Democrats in the House of Representatives have the votes to impeach Trump.

But the odds of his removal by the U.S. Senate are virtually zero percent.


What Every Investor Should Know About Canopy Right Now

Canopy Growth disappointed investors with its quarterly earnings. In fact, investors were so "disappointed" by this one report they sent the entire cannabis sector tumbling.

That's the thing: Canopy's results mean essentially nothing at all for American marijuana companies – nothing for any company outside Canada, in fact.

It's no different than if, say, California-based PG&E shares tanked because Consolidated Edison had a power failure in New York City.

But we're still in the early stages of legal cannabis' explosive growth potential.

Canopy led the sector down because investors are expecting results yesterday. And the results can be longer in coming than short-sighted investors might like.

So before you run out and sell all your Canopy shares, you need to see what I'm about to show you...

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The Dow Jones Today Is Facing an Uphill Battle as the Trade War with China Escalates

The Dow Jones today is rebounding after a dismal Monday trading session, but threats still lurk in the background.

Trade tensions with China are set to renew as the White House appoints Peter Navarro, a fierce protectionist, to the negotiating team.

Here's everything you need to know about the stock market today...

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Dow Jones Industrial Average Falls 140 Points as Tech Sector Gives Up Gains

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 141 points in premarket trading as tech stocks continued to weigh on investor sentiment.

A brutal earnings report for one of the industry's top chipmakers has complemented a difficult PR battle for the world's top social media company (more below).