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How to Play Bitcoin Forks for Big Profits in 2018

When we spoke on Dec. 21, I warned you to be careful about getting into Bitcoin as we head into 2018.

No, I'm not pessimistic about cryptocurrencies in general or Bitcoin in particular. In fact, just the opposite is true – I firmly believe these e-currencies are the wave of the future and still face huge upside.

My concern is for individual investors like you. At the time, Bitcoin had literally just hit the futures markets for the first time ever. And Wall Street traders, hedge funds, and other high rollers were sharpening their knives – setting Bitcoin up for massive volatility.

My call couldn't have been timelier.

Practically as I hit "send" on that report, Bitcoin fell $1,070 in a day. Not only that, but it weakened over the next few days, falling from a high of roughly $20,000 to $12,500. That's a 37.5% peak-to-trough loss.

Today, Bitcoin has swung back up to around $15,300.

For you Bitcoin veterans out there, that kind of swing is pretty normal. You folks can handle it. But for new investors, that type of volatility is hard to swallow.

So what I want to tell you today may sound a bit counterintuitive, but here we go...


Play Bitcoin Better Than the Crowd When You Know the Truth

There's so much written about Bitcoin, from so many angles, it's hard to know what it really is.

What is it good for? What is it worth? Where is it going?

It's obvious there are huge moneymaking opportunities in Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency's unprecedented development has already minted a few billionaires and many millionaires in its short life.

You can be sure, however, those winners didn't get to where they are without knowing Bitcoin basics.

If you want a shot at Bitcoin riches, you have to know the truth about this cryptocurrency, so you can make this moment in history a profitable one.

Here's the truth about Bitcoin and how to play it...


This NFLX Trade Could Double Your Money in Just 60 Days

First, in August, came the news that Disney was pulling all of its content from Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) in order to start its own streaming business. This created a frenzy in the mainstream media, with the pundits arguing between themselves about whether or not the streaming goliath could even survive.

Then, in October, the stock fell 1% after the indefinite suspension of one of its star shows, House of Cards, following multiple serious Kevin Spacey allegations.

And now, we know that Ann Mather, who serves on Netflix's board of directors, sold 3,885 shares of the stock for $777,000.00 back on Nov. 7.

All of these developments have got investors and traders nervous about putting any money down – and understandably so.

The good news is… you can actually profit no matter if Netflix stock skyrockets or plummets from here. 

All you need is this NFLX trade setup...


Flying Cars Are Coming - and Here’s the Best Way to Play This Emerging Tech Trend

Right now, on a big screen near you, Ryan Gosling's character in "Blade Runner 2049" is piloting a flying car known as a "Spinner" to hunt down renegade androids – replicants.

The flying car is an idea so old it's almost timeless.

But I trace its modern beginnings back to 1926, when Henry Ford himself showed off the "sky flivver" – a tiny, 350-pound, single-seat monoplane – to the press.

Call it a "sky flivver," a "plane car," a "personal aircraft," or a "flying car"… we've been waiting a long time.

Now mark my word. It will come.

You may smile, or even laugh. Feel free.

But the fact is, flying cars are coming – fast.

In fact, one company I've followed closely for decades just bought a startup focused on autonomous air taxis.

And I believe that company is the single best way to play this emerging tech trend...

Gold and Precious Metals

This "Triple Play" Is Key to Profiting from Energy's Tense "New Normal"

Last Thursday, I filled my Oil & Energy Investor readers in on the best energy investing strategy to use in a world wracked by rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the Persian Gulf, and of course, Venezuela.

Now, energy is still making people fortunes. That hasn't changed, and it's not likely to in the future, either.

But in an increasingly anxious world, investors will see bigger, more consistent profits when they find a way to bridge two critical sectors: defense and energy.

In fact, in my monthly, paid Energy Advantage and weekly Energy Inner Circle investment research services, I'm adding significantly more "weight" in the stocks that do this very bridging.

Normally, I'd keep these plays close to the vest; after all, it's only fair. We've already enjoyed double-digit gains in these companies, and the upside potential is still enormous.

More importantly, the geopolitical situation is changing so quickly, and the impacts are so profound, that I want to make sure everyone is holding these three stocks at a minimum.

So here they are...


Your Best Play on Oil's Move to Asia

Earlier this week, Kent recommended a basket of three great stocks to play the "American Energy Revolution" as we move toward functional, meaningful energy independence over the next decade. These picks were all about the domestic energy "balance" of fossil and renewable fuels the U.S. must maintain and develop to meet that goal.

But energy is a truly global market, constantly changing, and absolutely packed with the kinds of opportunities Kent's spent his entire career in intelligence and academia researching and cultivating.

Picks like the one you're about to get…

Now, Kent normally shares these recommendations only with his paid-up Energy Advantage readers – it's only fair. But the market changes underway – call it the "rocket fuel" under these shares – are so profound (and the profit potential so juicy) that he asked us to share this with all our Members. His subscribers have already picked up double-digit profits here, and he thinks it's likely those gains are just the beginning.