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How to Play America's Number One Carmaker

All of the media heads are talking about Tesla right now and how it beat General Motors as the largest carmaker in America, right after taking over Ford's number two spot.

But while they're figuring out how Elon Musk did it, I want to talk to you about something much more important – how to profit.

And I've got the perfect way for you to cash in on the new king of the auto industry…

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Your Most Lucrative Bitcoin Play of the Year Could Arrive Next Week

Back in October, I told you why I was watching bitcoin and how it could replace gold as the new "safe haven" for your money. At the time, bitcoin was trading around $651.

Fast-forward to today – and it's now trading at an all-time high of $1,228. That's nearly a 90% gain in less than six months. In fact, the price of one bitcoin is now worth more than one ounce of gold. It was also named as the top performing "currency" in 2016.

And by next week, you could get in on the profits – without buying a single coin.

Here's how…

Here's how...


How to Play Apple This Quarter

When it comes to the financial press, I tend to hit the mute button… until I catch a headline about a stock or sector that's actually worth my time. So yesterday, I turned the volume up when the pundits started talking about Apple, Inc. (AAPL) and the recent leaks about its latest smartphone, the iPhone […]

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The Fed

The Best Stock to Play Before Any Fed "Rate Riot"

Last week's May jobs report, which showed the weakest hiring in six years, gave Janet Yellen all the cover she needed to kick the can down the road on interest rates and put off any hikes until July or September.

The markets reacted well, as you'd expect, but Yellen left the door open, saying the Fed was "on track" to raise rates "in the coming months." And with that statement, Yellen has consigned investors to yet another cycle of uncertainty and hand-wringing where the markets have to guess what the Fed will do in July or September.

Here's the thing – the vast majority of investors don't understand that rising rates can be terrific for you and your money if you know what to look for and how to identify the best stocks to buy ahead of time, before the markets price a move in.

If you're one of 'em, don't beat yourself up too badly. It's a common misconception.

The next "rate riot" can be a fabulous opportunity, just as it was 16 months ago when I brought three recommendations to your attention under very similar market conditions and circumstances. Anybody who jumped on board has had the opportunity to capture returns of 41.98% versus only 0.86% from the Dow Jones Industrials over the same time frame.

One of the three stocks remains an especially compelling choice today.

Don't miss your chance just because the U.S. Federal Reserve might hike rates...