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I'm Watching Four Clean Energy Stocks Like a Hawk This Week

The clean energy stocks have their ups and down, but there's no denying the sector is primed for massive gains, not just because of the infrastructure bill or other spending priorities, but because the world is making a transition away from polluting, carbon-emitting fossil fuels.

Shah Gilani is watching four of these stocks right now; he thinks they're the best way to play short- and long-term trends in this space.



Plug Power Stock Prediction 2025: A Potential 313% Gain

Plug Power Inc.

(NASDAQ: PLUG) shares might be down for now.

But the Plug stock forecast for 2025 looks bright.

Sure, we expect the massive electric vehicle renaissance to continue.

But when you dive deeper into this space, you realize it’s about so much more than cars.

It’s about power.

This company stands for the future of something far bigger than transportation.



How You Can Own "FAANG 2.0" with One $35 Stock

"The FAANGs" have been a convenient shorthand for the mega-cap Nasdaq tech firms that have led the markets higher since the middle of the last decade. In 2020, at a time when markets desperately needed a leader, they were there.

But from a technical perspective, the FAANGs are starting to show a little long-term fatigue in the charts.

And then there's the elephant in the room: Everyone points to the FAANGs as a reason to be in the market – and they are great stocks – but if you wanted to buy 100 shares of each of these stocks, you'd have to fork over nearly $687,000 (the price of a nice house in many parts of the country).

Fortunately, the next group of market leaders is out there right now, going more or less under everyone's radar.

I'm not sure how much longer they'll stay there, though – performance like this tends to get noticed. Tech stocks grew by around 45% in 2020, but the ones we'll talk about in a second shot up 147%.

I think we're just getting started here… Full Story

Trading Strategies

The Perfect Stocks to Own When You Just Don't Know

On Wall Street, they live and die on information; fortunes are made and lost depending on the quality and timeliness of the intel. Traders – good ones – are some of the most clued-up people around.

So what happens when we're in a situation where there just isn't enough information yet?

Because at this point, we really don't know who's going to win the election. We've got polls, predictions, pundits – all of it sorta-kinda pointing one way – but the hard truth is we really have no idea.

In fact, I'd argue that we're close to the maximum; the most uncertainty since COVID-19 began to spread here last winter.

So what's the smart move now? Well, lots of people are trading volatility right now, but that's the "hot" move, not the smart move.

The real smart money is going to where the certainty is… Full Story

The real smart money is going to where the certainty is...


These Three Stocks Let You Cash In on the Looming “Short-Squeeze Market”

Until Barry ("Asterisk") Bonds leapfrogged him 13 years ago, Henry Aaron had been Major League Baseball's all-time homerun king for more than three decades.

Yet, in one of those cool ironies of life, "Hammerin' Hank" always said that the "triple was the most exciting play in baseball."

Let me tell you: I get what "Oh Henry" was saying – the triple is edge-of-your-bleacher-seat exciting. A player drives the ball into the outfield, and it skitters past the fielders and rolls to the wall. Then the player sprints around the bases and slides into third in a cloud of dust – hoping to beat the throw that's intended to gun him down.

With MLB's return last week, I caught a couple of Cincinnati Reds games. And I realized that there's a stock-market equivalent to the baseball triple.

You see, the most exciting play in investing is the "short squeeze."

That's what happens when an investing pro tries to beat the bullish "shift" in today's market by betting against a particular stock. And because the loss on that kind of a bearish bet during a bullish rally is potentially unlimited, the pro has to "cover" by purchasing the shares in the open market.

When a whole bunch of bearish pros on a particular stock have to cover all at once – meaning they're elbowing one another and stampeding through the narrowest of doorways and grabbing shares at every and any price – that stock goes vertical like a ballistic missile.

That's the "short squeeze."

And there's nothing more exciting than having that happen to a stock you already own.

Well, almost nothing.

You see, we're on the verge of the absolute-most-exciting play in all of investing: It's something I refer to as an entire "short-squeeze market."

We're talking about a nearly vertical ascent to the bull market's peak.

It's in the on-deck circle. It's about to happen.

And here today, in the spirit of that excitement, we've created a "triple opportunity" – three "short-squeeze market" stocks that will let you cash in… Full Story

And here today, in the spirit of that excitement, we've created a "triple opportunity" - three "short-squeeze market" stocks that will let you cash in... Full Story