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Let's Talk PCE, Dell, and Costco

Before we get started, I want to ask an important question… “Is the AI bubble bursting?” That’s the question I curiously typed into the newest version of ChatGPT early this morning. We’re going to talk about what ChatGPT replied with and how its reply confirms a growing trend that I am seeing in the market […]

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Forget Tesla... Forget GameStop... Focus on This Instead

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Looks “Ready to Run” The market’s headlines can be misleading, but as I always say… market prices don’t lie. Investors are celebrating the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s cross above 40,000, as they do every 10,000-point milestone. The last celebration at 30,000 was the beginning of a 22% rally over the […]

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Three Market-Driving Events This Week

One: The S&P 500’s 50-Day Moving Average Is in Play Last week’s strong finish put the S&P 500 and tech-heavy Nasdaq 100’s 50-day moving average in play. If you’re not familiar, the 50-day moving average of these indices is one of the most watched technical trendline. This single trendline embodies the saying “the trend is […]

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Don’t Buy Too Fast

Let’s spend our mid-week market time together talking about the “bottom.” There’s nothing better than the feeling that the market has put in a bottom when you’ve got a pile of cash ready to buy stocks. You’ve got that pile, right? There’s also that “other” feeling. The feeling a week after you bought all those […]

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Wall Street’s Selling Programs are Watching These Numbers

Think about this: Most of the money that crosses the trading desks on any given day is not controlled by you and me, the retail investors. Most of the money that moves the market and big individual stocks is traded by large institutions and hedge funds. Those large institutions trade using algorithms that consider one […]

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Why and How You Should Protect Your Portfolio Today

We’re almost to the weekend, but I fear today could be rough. If you’re like me, you’ve felt like the market is running into a wall in slow motion. My “Market Spidey Sense” has been going off for the last few days. Nine times out of ten, that sense proves itself right. So, I just […]

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