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Dow Jones Pops on Fed's Extraordinary Attempt to Prop Up the Economy

The Dow Jones popped this morning after the Federal Reserve announced $2.3 trillion of loans to support small businesses and consumers.

But investors fear this uptick might not have legs…

Unemployment claims in the coronavirus lockdown have ballooned to 6.6 million.

The 10-Year U.S. Treasury bond fell to 0.72% this morning.

Gold, meanwhile, popped above $1,700 today. Read further for more on how the coronavirus crisis is affecting the Dow today.


Market Correction

Will the Coronavirus Cause a Recession?

The coronavirus crash has decimated stocks, but the real risk is that the coronavirus could cause a recession.

That's where investors need to focus their attention right now.

Stocks simply aren't going back up until the economy recovers.

While we might not hit the technical definition of a recession, Americans are already experiencing the effects of one.

But there's a silver lining...

Marijuana Industry

Oklahoma's Marijuana Legalization Is Giving These 4 Pot Stocks a Lift

One of the most exciting parts of the cannabis legalization trend is how universal support for it is.

Although deep in the heart of "red state country," Oklahoma has one of the most liberal medical marijuana laws in the country.

And it's still planning on expanding its cannabis laws.

That's great news for investors.

Today, we'll give you an edge on the market by showing you the five stocks with the most at play in Oklahoma.


Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Today Could Plunge Nearly 500 Points Thanks to the Coronavirus

The Dow Jones today could fall by more than 400 points as the coronavirus spreads in China.

Local officials report roughly 2,300 cases of Chinese citizens dealing with the virus.

However, a nurse has reportedly told foreign media that the real figure is upwards of 90,000 cases.

Here's which stocks are hit the hardest...


How to Tap Into a $69 Trillion Global Gold Mine

Due to the immensity of the U.S. economy and $22 trillion "market cap" of our stock market, it's not very surprising when most American investors prefer not to invest beyond our borders.

But the truth is, owning foreign stocks can not only slash your risk, but boost your returns as well.

And to get you started on owning a truly global portfolio, Bill's going to recommend one of his absolute favorite overseas "aggressive growth" stocks...

Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Today Is Flat as Europe Holds Interest Rates Steady

The Dow Jones today will stay flat after the European Central Bank’s refusal to cut interest rates. Investors are increasingly uncertain that the U.S. central bank will cut interest rates during its meeting next week. Strong U.S. economic data and a reassurance from European Central Bank President Mario Draghi have many thinking the Fed might hold off on loosening monetary policy.


Trading Strategies

Here’s What I’m Watching in the Stock Market Right Now

It seems that we’re always either reaching a “turning point” or “critical make-or-break junctures.”

But the charts D.R. watches daily tell him pundits exaggerate and that a “turning point” is just another day – or profit opportunity.

In fact, these critical junctures sometimes set us up to take advantage of profitable bullish and bearish “snapbacks.”

Here’s what we’ve got our eyes on in the coming days…


This Cannabis Sector “Classic Turnaround” Could Be Good for Another 100% in Profits

Sometimes a company just can’t seem to get it together due to a number of reasons.

And that’s a shame because some of these companies possess the infrastructure and expertise that, with the right leadership, could transform them into a gold mine, or a “turnaround.”

And now that we’re finally nearing the end of cannabis prohibition in the United States, there are a lot of promising changes underway at a few companies.

But one in particular deserves your money because it has the real potential to return it in multiples…