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Dow Jones Today Could Bounce Back from Monday's Heavy Losses

The Dow Jones today will attempt to rebound from Monday’s huge selloff.

Markets started the week under pressure due to a surge of new COVID-19 cases across the United States.

There is also doubt that Congress and the White House will come together on a stimulus relief plan by the election.

President Donald Trump faces off against rival Joe Biden next Tuesday.

Let’s see what else is moving the Dow Jones now….


Trading Strategies

Stocks to Buy for the “Fractional Shares Revolution”

You got $5?

What if I told you that was enough to get you started with stocks like Amazon ($3,160), Alphabet/Google ($1,527), Apple ($460), Nvidia ($460), or Microsoft ($210)?

The fact is, that's not only possible – it's actually easy to do.

Welcome to the "Fractional Shares Revolution."

It's a Brave New World in the stock market – one that's leveling the playing field like never before.

It's the bridge across the moat.

It's the passkey to the gilded penthouse.

It's the map that will guide you to a life of financial security and meaningful wealth.

And it's a journey you can begin with pocket change.

Mutual funds, ETFs, and other "easy access" investing vehicles are great.

But if you want to retire rich, individual stocks are the way you want to go.

There's no longer any excuse for not being in the stock market, for not staking your claim to some of the riches to be mined there. The barriers to entry have all been dismantled, though it took a long time.

Invest in stocks to retire rich.

Here today, I'll give you the full lowdown on this "revolution" – one that's been revved up by Robinhood Trading Inc.

I'll show you how to use it to your advantage, to empower yourself.

And I'll spotlight some stocks to start with… Full Story

And I'll spotlight some stocks to start with... Full Story


2020 IPOs: The 10 Most Exciting Public Offerings to Watch

2020 is almost here.

And it's lineup of IPOs could make it the biggest year yet for initial public offerings.

In fact, there are at least 10 firms poised to go public in 2020.

And almost all of them have valuations over $1 billion in industries ranging from financial services, mattresses, and even travel and lodging.


Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Today Is Up as China Agrees with U.S. on Key Issue

The Dow Jones today is ticking higher after China voiced concession to U.S. demands for better intellectual property protection.

This has been a key issue in trade discussions between the two nations.

China has expressed commitment to providing clearer copyright assurances for American firms.

They have also agreed to agricultural purchases from the U.S., another term discussed in the talks.


Global Markets

The "Great Fire Sale of London" Offers Extreme Upside

The United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union – "Brexit" – is a red-hot vortex of uncertainty. British politics, society, and of course, business are all up in the air right now – and have been since the referendum in June 2016.

The UK has a general election next month that may very well determine how or even if Brexit happens. Beyond Brexit, all parties are making big promises to the electorate, to boot, the cost of which could be an additional drag on the world's sixth largest economy.

Investors, as we all know, hate uncertainty. Personally, I could never figure out why. All that chaos is like catnip for me; the bargains can be unbelievable.

Right now, for instance, some of the most prestigious, expensive real estate on Earth is trading at unthinkably cheap prices; double-digit gains are practically built in.

Here's where I think the best value is… Full Story

Here's where I think the best value is... Full Story