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The Best Stocks to Trade in December

It seems like I just took down my Christmas tree from last year, and now the holidays are upon us once again – which means some great profit opportunities are here, as well.

A lot of investors will hunt for trades in retail and transportation. The holiday season is traditionally good for those sectors. But that's not the full story of where you can get the biggest opportunities.

When you look closer at how stocks actually trade in December, you'll see the most consistent performers during the holidays are not always what you'd expect.

That's why I use stocks' historical patterns to uncover the best potential winners. History tends to repeat, particularly when it produces the same result consistently over longer periods. It's your best guide to predicting the future movement of stocks.

Today, I'll show you seven stocks with 100% historical accuracy.

That means that if history repeats yet again, these trades can drop profits into your pockets for the holidays...