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Buy These Three Stocks Now for More "Fractional Shares" Profits

Fractional shares have completely revolutionized investing – forever.

Now it's anyone's game – as long as you're ready to take that first step towards financial freedom.

On Monday, Shah told you about four stocks that'll help you get started on your wealth-building path, that you can buy in fractional shares – so you don't need to shell out for an entire share if you don't want to.

Today, Shah's completing the list by adding three more stocks, to complete your wealth-building "buy" list…



How (and Why) Investors Should Play GameStop

GameStop's historic "Super Squeeze" back in January gave short sellers the chance to make a killing on the stock.

But it was also a wake-up call for GameStop's board, who seized on the attention and all the capital it brought along as a chance to turn the company around.

Andrew sees potential here as GME becomes a stock well worth owning again.

Here's what's happening with GameStop and exactly how to play it….


Trading Strategies

A “Comeback Kid” Stock You Can Cash In on Now

Today I want to talk about a stock that was a trailblazer in the early 2000s – and it's making a comeback.

I want to take you back to a time (not too long ago) when your cell phone wasn't right in your pocket.

Instead of using your smartphone's Google Maps app, you kept an actual foldable map in your car's console for long drives. And the day you finally got a GPS device was a day to be celebrated; no more printed out directions or taking a wrong turn. Your GPS told you exactly where you needed to go.

There was no question about who the top dog of the industry was… Full Story

There was no question about who the top dog of the industry was...


3 Best Stocks for Options Trading in September

If there is one thing an options trader loves, it's a market that moves.

The farther and faster, the better.

And that's why the 2020 crash and supersonic recovery has created fertile ground for options traders.

The problem is that not all stocks are created equal.

You can trade some for outsized profits but some just won't keep moving in the direction you want them to move.

For the latter group, they are not worth your time, or your money.

What options traders look for in a stock is one with predictable, sustained movement.

That way you can tailor your options strategy to the stock and repeat it over and over.

Unlike investments you can set and forget, traders need stock action in the short-term.

We’re here to help you find these stocks people like to trade.