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[CHART] The Largest Investors in Renewable Energy Will Shock You

Renewable energy firms are quickly becoming some of the hottest takeover targets in the world, and one of the biggest buyers is who you'd least expect…

More importantly, this trend could be hugely profitable for you as this money starts to pour in.

That's why we're revealing our top takeover target in the renewable energy sector.

It's one of the best solar energy companies on the market, and it could more than double your money...


Qatar's New LNG Gamble Is About to Change Everything for U.S. Energy Exports

Last week, Qatar Petroleum announced it planned to increase production dramatically from its huge North Field in the Persian Gulf.

The increase calls for the country's gas production to climb 30% by 2024, and that's going to have a huge impact.

Qatar is currently the global leading exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), a result of existing production from the North Field. It is also the first gas exporter in the world to put all of its gas into LNG, ending all exports via pipeline.

And the LNG market worldwide is accelerating rapidly. However, so is the expected supply over the next decade.

The Qatari increase, should the country follow through, could create an LNG glut internationally, thereby reducing the price, including for U.S. LNG exporters.

It also puts a fuse on an already very charged situation...


List of Oil Stocks to Watch in 2017

With the price of oil climbing in 2017, investors continue to flock back to oil stocks. But just because prices are rising does not mean that every oil stock is worth your money.

That's why we're bringing readers the complete list of oil stocks to buy and a list of the stocks that should be avoided in 2017.

Here are the picks...