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TSLA Stock Is a Strong Buy for This Type of Investor in 2016

The TSLA stock price is up 22% in the last 12 months, and there is a lot of excitement around the company's Model 3 vehicle unveiling.

We think this is going to be a huge catalyst for revenue growth, and CEO Elon Musk is ushering in a game-changing vehicle that will disrupt the auto industry as we know it.

But just because we're bullish on Tesla stock doesn't mean it will fit your individual investing goals. Here's exactly the type of investor who should grab TSLA stock now...


Why the TSLA Stock Price Dropped 7% Today

The TSLA stock price is down 7% today (Monday) in intraday trading because Tesla missed vehicle delivery expectations in 2015.

Tesla reported over 50,000 vehicle deliveries, falling short of CEO Elon Musk's expectations of 55,000, which he projected at the beginning of 2015.

Wall Street is focusing on the missed deliveries and driving down the TSLA stock price today, but we predict TSLA will head higher in 2016. Here's why...

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Cold, Hard Metrics on Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL)

Money Morning Technical Trading Specialist D.R. Barton, Jr. joined Bloomberg Radio last week, offering a critical perspective on Tesla Motors Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) and Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL).

Barton explained how technical indicators can work in concert with the strong investor sentiment that comes with the huge followings these companies have. But these indicators can also show when price movements are out of line with this kind of emotional buying and selling.

And that's where the opportunity lies...

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Did Elon Musk's Big "Range Anxiety" Reveal Deliver? (TSLA)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted via tweet Sunday at a breakthrough that would eliminate electric car drivers' greatest fear.

The Model S is already fantastic in terms of range compared to its electric competitors. Each of the four variations delivers ranges between 208 and 270 miles per charge, compared to competitors' 100 miles per charge.

Still, the news was well-received by investors – Tesla stock shot up 3.72% Monday.

But Elon Musk has been criticized in the past for failing to deliver on exactly these kinds of "teaser tweets." Here's how the moonshot entrepreneur did today...