Cathie Wood’s Shopping List for the Tech Stock Sell-Off  

By now almost every investor knows the name Cathie Wood.

She runs ARK Funds, the largest actively traded ETF, and her trades have almost reached cult status as billions flow into her funds.

They recently reached the $50 billion milestone.

In South Korea, retail investors have even given her the nickname "Money Tree." Her funds have gotten so large that in many cases she owns more than 10% of a company's outstanding shares, an impressive feat for even the biggest fund managers.

And the fact that many of her funds are up over 200% since the lows in March of 2020, easily outpacing the broader markets, hasn't hurt either.

In short, when she makes trades, people follow.

To help our readers find out which stocks Cathie Wood is buying that deserve a spot in your portfolio, we've put together a list of our three favorite ARK stocks you can own at a discount...


3 Top Tech SPACs to Watch

This will be the year of the SPAC.

But not all SPACs are worth buying.

With over 200 blank-check companies reaching public markets in 2020 it pays to be selective.

Some SPAC mergers have been big let downs for investors.

But the most successful SPACs have had one thing in common: excellent management.

As a technology investor, I have been watching many of these companies form and I've been digging into the management behind each and every one of them to share with you what is on the horizon.

There are the three best SPACs to watch right now...


Stocks Are Down, but Uranium Is Set for a Double-Digit "Trump Bump"

Nine years into the longest, richest bull market since World War II, and the tank's nearly empty.

Even before equities started to slide in February, finding a company priced for value was like finding a needle… in a stack of needles.

From a technical perspective, the bull run isn't over just yet, but odds are good it's much closer to its end than its beginning.

That's one of the reasons I recently recommended beefing up your position in commodities, which are just beginning a secular bull "supercycle," for maximum upside – and strong protection against the inevitable slide of pricey, worn-out stocks.

So it won't be long before commodities bargains get scarce, too, but there's one in particular that's still trading at, frankly, ridiculously low prices.

I'm talking about uranium, of course, and I don't think it will be "on sale" much longer.

You see, it's just made the White House's revised list of metals critical to U.S. security. But that's not the only reason to make a move right now.

Because when bull markets in this unloved commodity get roaring, returns can easily top 1,000%...