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The Dow Jones Industrial Average Will Lose 400 Points on Today's Inverted Yield Curve

The Dow Jones Industrial Average could lose up to 400 points today as investors have begun pouring capital out of equity markets and into fixed income positions (bonds).

The 10-year U.S. Treasury bond yield slipped below that of the two-year yield.

The so-called inversion of the yield curve has been a fairly reliable indicator of past recessions.

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Dow Jones Industrial Average Falls 140 Points as Tech Sector Gives Up Gains

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 141 points in premarket trading as tech stocks continued to weigh on investor sentiment.

A brutal earnings report for one of the industry's top chipmakers has complemented a difficult PR battle for the world's top social media company (more below).

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Dow Jones Today Drops 300 Points as President Trump Threatens Syrian Military Intervention

The Dow Jones today projected a 300-point loss in pre-market trading after President Donald Trump warned Russia to "get ready" for the United States to retaliate against recent gas attacks carried out by the Syrian government.

Prior to the President's tweets, markets were already trending lower as new reports indicated that the Special Counsel investigating the President seized documents concerning the financial relationship between President Trump and Michael Cohen, the president's personal lawyer.

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Dow Jones Today Opens Higher as Trade War Fears Continue to Rock Wall Street

The Dow Jones today traded nearly 150-points higher in pre-market trading as investors paired losses from Friday's dramatic selloff.

Prompted by President Trump's fresh round of tariffs on Chinese exports, Friday's selloff pushed the Dow down over 700 points before closing with a 572 point loss.

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Dow Jones Today Ekes Out Gains After Monday's 458-Point Drop

The Dow Jones today traded 170 points higher in premarket hours as investors took stock of Monday's brutal selloff.

The Dow fell 458 points to start the second quarter as investors grow more concerned about a potential trade war between the United States and China.

The Dow is now trading down over 4% for the year.



Shah Gilani's 2018 Capital Wave Forecast, Part One

While there's major money to be made by correctly picking winners and losers, that can be the hardest thing to do with stocks.

The easiest, smartest, and most financially rewarding way to play stocks and markets is by riding trends.

That's because trends tend to have longevity, and various momentum boosters can drive them faster and further in the direction they're going. We see this with stocks that have been trending up since March 2009, including the momentum boost in 2017 that few investors saw coming – or believed – even as markets reached higher highs again and again.

There are a confluence of positives for markets that should continue to propel stocks higher in 2018.

Here's how to play 2018 markets to your advantage...

Stock Market News Today: The Dow Rallies After President Trump's "Big League" Tax Announcement

The stock market news today is highlighted by a triple-digit jump in the Dow, while the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq both touched record highs.

The markets continued to beat back geopolitical concerns in Europe, and investors focused on the economic policies of President Donald Trump.

Let's look at the numbers from Thursday for the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq...