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My Favorite "One-Two Punch" for Profiting from Wild Volatility

It looks like until we get a trade deal – which won't be anytime soon – we can count on uncertainty, volatility, and this desperate, headline-driven action to continue.

Now, being tempted to go to cash and get out of the way would be an expensive mistake, because you can make some nice money on the up-down volatility that's going to be with us for a while.

Here's the simple way to cash in on it...


No Bitcoin Miner Goes to Work Without This Hardware

A couple of times now I've told you not to start buying Bitcoin again yet – but let me reiterate…

We're not counting Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies out.

Despite the recent extreme turbulence, there are many fundamentals behind the best cryptos – and the blockchain technology that backs them up could be the most disruptive tech innovation to come along in years.

This is a phenomenon you must keep up with. And we will.

While Bitcoin's price is determined the same way a stock's price is – through price discovery on an exchange – just like stocks, many other factors cause things to get much more complex.

So a lot of catalysts went into driving Bitcoin's price up close to 2,000% during 2017. And a whole 'nother set of factors drove it down from north of $19,000 in mid-December to around $11,800 today.

I'm talking about threats of regulation, actual regulation, comments from this or that government official, market manipulation, and good, old-fashioned hype.

These issues are going to get ironed out. And when I feel the time is right, I'll give you the "go" signal to get back in.

Meanwhile, current Bitcoin owners should – as the kids say – "hold on for dear life"… for the highly profitable forks that are going to keep on coming. And for Bitcoin's virtually guaranteed resurgence.

And for those of you new to cryptos or wanting to stay in on the action, there are ways to profit from this market without having to buy Bitcoin or any other crypto coin.

I showed you one way a couple of weeks ago.

And today I'm bringing you another...