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How to Profit from the Tech Sector’s Accelerating Decline

Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest was a poster child for success in 2020.Between the March 2020 “COVID Crash” lows and February 2021, its top exchange-traded fund, ARK Innovation ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKK) gained more than 313%.This made ARKK one of the top-performing ETFs, and thrust ARK honcho Cathie Wood into the spotlight as a top stock picker.

So, let’s dig into the data set – it reveals some pretty shocking things about the state of the tech sector in general…


Three Stocks to Sell Today

Some investors have been trying to buy the “pandemic stocks” on the recent dips, but Andrew Keene says that’s a mistake because they’ve already peaked for the last time.

It’s time to take profits, and these COVID-era outperformers are stocks to sell right now….



The Hidden Way to Profit from Robinhood

Shah Gilani’s never been more excited about the market and the growing number of opportunities for regular investors to build life-changing wealth.

It’s all thanks to mobile app-based investing and what he calls the “Fractional Shares Revolution.” And for folks in the know, there’s huge profit potential….



How to Trade This "Pandemic Stock" for a Double

One of the many changes we saw in 2020 was the flurry of new, inexperienced investors and traders into the market via mobile apps.

But they’re still a strong force in the markets, meaning there’s extreme moneymaking potential in their trading activities for folks who know how to play it.

Today, Tom’s using some of the volume and pricing data from this crowd to tee up an interesting profit play that experienced investors can get into for potential 100%-plus gains… .



This $16 Stock Is Beating the Market 5 to 1

With the pandemic waning and recovery taking hold, pandemic and stay-at-home firms have lost their edge.

But today, we’re showing you a $16 company that not only crushed it during the pandemic, but its shareholders have held onto their profits and are pocketing even more as we speak.

No wonder it’s called the “Top Wealth Play of 2021”….