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Best Call Options to Trade Now for a Quick 70% Profit

With all the hype in the market these days as the economy recovers, the vaccines are rolled out and more stimulus from Washington seems to be just over the horizon, you've likely noticed options contracts are getting very expensive.

Those high prices for contracts take the wind out of sails when it comes to trading options.

For one, higher prices means more risk since you have more to lose.

And when you start at a high price, there may not be as much room for the trade to profit.

We have a solution for that problem, and it's making for our best call options to trade right now.

Marijuana Industry

This Hot "Off the Radar" Sector Is Handing Us the Market's Fastest-Moving Opportunities

On Nov.

24, the Dow crossed 30,000 for the first time in its 124-year history.

But if the Dow included the hottest sector in the U.S.

right now, it would've hit a record high months ago.

Today Don's focusing on this sector, how it's moving even faster than the mainstream stocks, and how it can hand early investors plenty of high-profit opportunities…



Semiconductor Stocks: Winners and Losers After Apple's Bombshell

While Apple is known for disrupting entire industries, few expected it to send a shock wave toward semiconductor stocks.

But the Apple-designed M1 chip in its latest Macs will do just that.

The M1 is the first ARM-based processor to match the muscle of an Intel CPU.

But the M1 achieves this feat while using far less energy.

This is an unprecedented threat to Intel but opens a window of opportunity to several chipmakers.

Today we call the winners and losers…


Best Internet of Things (IoT) Stocks for 2021

The line between man and machine is getting blurrier, and it's making tech investors wealthier.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the growing connectivity of everyday objects via the Internet.

Wearables and other smart mobile devices can fall into this category, but the network of IoT devices is expanding beyond what we could have imagined years ago.

Now is the time to look at the best Internet of Things stocks for 2021.

Trading Strategies

Buy Now: MSFT and GOOGL Will Soar Under Divided Government (the Gains Are Already Starting)

As of midday Thursday, we've still got no definitive result from the Nov.

3 election.

Indeed, it's still anyone's game.

And the markets are loving it.

So D.R.

appeared on FOX Business' Varney & Co.

to talk about why stocks were rallying with so much up in the air, and he even named the two stocks he thinks will be truly outstanding performers in this environment…



Why Stocks Are Up Right Now (and What to Do About It)

The stock market went off on a sudden tear this week and there's no signs of it slowing down soon.

The sudden change caught just about everyone by surprise too, so we wanted to show you exactly why.

You might be scratching your head a bit about what's causing that.

Even more importantly, you might want to know how long it's going to last before putting some cash back into this market.

We're going to break it all down for you so you know exactly what's going on before you dive in.

Plus, we'll show you the most profitable way to do it too...