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Why Big Tech Stocks Have Nothing to Fear from Antitrust Suits

Many investors in Big Tech stocks were likely concerned when they heard that the Department of Justice had filed am antitrust suit against Google.

After all, antitrust rumors have dogged every Big Tech company for years.

But now it looks like regulators are getting serious.

While thing may look ominous, the chances are very good the Big Tech companies won't feel much pain from antitrust actions.

In fact, investors may well come out ahead…


Rich Investors Are Buying These 2 Tech Stocks Now

Rich investors are taking advantage tech stocks right now.

According to Dataroma, a website that tracks 68 of the world's top billionaire portfolio managers like Buffett, Marks, Ackman and more, five of the top stocks rich investors own are Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple.

This is unsurprising, as these are some of the biggest and most popular stocks in the world.

What is more interesting and useful for retail investors like us, however, are the stocks they're buying now that are flying under the radar.

Thanks to the SEC filings billionaire portfolio managers are required to submit quarterly, we can track exactly which companies these are.

This will give you an advantage over most investors because you're essentially getting inside info on the stocks the big guys are buying that other people don't know about yet…



Is GameStop Stock a Buy or Sell Now?

Before the pandemic, GameStop stock looked like it was headed for oblivion.

GameStop (NYSE: GME) sold new and used video games and consoles out of brick-and-mortar stores.

It was a great business a few years ago, but gaming has increasingly moved online.

Then the situation changed.

The company came back into favor in dramatic fashion and has seen its shares rise by 183% in the last month alone.

Investors are rightly wondering what on earth is going on here.

Is GameStop now a must-own growth stock? Or is it a clunker about to fizzle out? I’ll break down what’s going on with this stock and show you whether it’s worth stashing in your portfolio right now… .