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10 Top Penny Stocks to Watch This Week - and One to Buy

Healthcare accounted for half of last week's top penny stocks, with a majority of them delivering over a 50% return.

The top penny stock on our list, Inuvo Inc. (NYSE: INUV) jumped 197% after the company reported an acquisition agreement with ConversionPoint Technologies, a national software firm.

ConversionPoint will purchase Inuvo for $75.5 million with shareholders receiving $0.45 for each share.

Penny stocks

5 Top Biotech Penny Stocks to Buy with Huge Catalysts in January 2018

Few investments have the profit potential of penny stocks – defined as stock which trade under $5 per share.

Biotech penny stocks are especially attractive since successful clinical trial results for their drugs can often send their share prices soaring 300%-plus.

That's why today we're giving you five of the top biotech penny stocks to buy that are all reporting clinical trials results in January 2018.

While these stocks have huge profit potentials, you must keep in mind that penny stocks are speculative investments which often see big pullbacks after making large gains.