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The Truth About That $20 Billion Boeing "Lost" When Trump Pulled Out of the Iran Deal

From the very first episode, I've dug "Mythbusters," the popular Discovery Channel TV series in which special-effects wizards Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman used the scientific method to prove or "bust" urban legends, myths, rumors, movie scenes, and even current news stories.

Well, there's another sequence of myths making the rounds right now about one of the best stocks you can buy.

So, tongue firmly in cheek, I thought it might be instructive (and fun) for us try our hand at mythbusting, with me as the "host."

So here is the myth, broadly stated…

"Boeing will lose as much as $20 billion in aircraft deals as Trump pulls the United States out of the Iran nuclear pact… and that loss will clobber Boeing."

While I'm having fun "hosting" this "episode," I'm dead serious about a critical examination of these media claims to determine whether they're factual reporting… or yet another cluster of "media myths" aimed at The Boeing Co.

There are three key reasons why this is so important:

Boeing is a longtime Private Briefing favorite and a dynamite outperformer, too. This stock has zoomed as much as 500% since I first recommended it to my subscribers at about $62 back in September 2011. Even after a pullback (before the Iran news broke), the stock is still at $344, a 455% gain – not including dividends.

I've seen these types of scare headlines before – directed at Boeing by journalists who are going for the drama of the disaster du jour, though they clearly don't "get it" in terms of what's really going on. And with each of these – the "Boeing Dreamliner Scare," for instance, and again more recently, with the Southwest Air Flight 1380 incident – those media folks were flat-out wrong.

And most important of all, we believe Boeing continues to be a great long-term growth play – which is why it's on Private Briefing's "Super 10" list of stocks to accumulate when prices go down.

With massive potential future gains on the line, let's investigate whether all the assertions of "catastrophic damage" to Boeing's top-line prospects hold water or not...