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Is Now a Good Time to Invest in China?

U.S.-China relations might be deteriorating exponentially with the coronavirus outbreak.

But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop making money from Chinese industry just yet.

Today, we're going to talk about how investing in China could still make sense today.

We'll even show you a potential Chinese growth stock with 717% growth potential.



Bear Market 2020: Where to Invest Your $1,200 Coronavirus Check

Your $1,200 coronavirus check from the government could be the first step you take to reaching the retirement of your dreams.

While $1,200 might not sound like a lot, it can add up in a hurry.

A $1,200 investment in Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) in December 2008 would be worth $42,530 today.

As Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald puts it, "picking the 'right' companies could set you up for once-in-a-lifetime wealth at prices you won't see again for a generation."

That's why we're going to show you exactly which stocks to buy to start building a retirement portfolio with just $1,200.


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The Huge Coronavirus "Reality Gap" Created by the News Media - and What to Do About It

Every time my phone starts ringing off the hook to make TV network appearances, I know it's a sign there's a Reality Gap big enough to make some real money.

A Reality Gap is the huge chasm between what the news media (plus Wall Street, Big Government, and Madison Avenue – or as I call them, the "Big Four") is serving you and the actual truth. The illusions they peddle aren't in your best interest; they distract you from what's best for your money.

Take China's coronavirus outbreak. Over the past two weeks, I've made seven television show appearances to talk about the coronavirus and how it's impacting markets and individual stocks.

It's pretty clear the news media is having a field day over this. Every minute, there's a new update on infections, possible mutations, comparisons to SARS… This human tragedy is being milked for all it's worth.

The reason why is simple: Fear sells. No TV news segment, news website, or cable news update is complete without a coronavirus update, because that's currently what gets views. And more views mean more money selling ads.

It's overtaken the top of the news agenda – the president's impeachment trial, Monday's Iowa caucus, even the record-breaking wildfires still raging in Australia.

Not to mention the things you can actually act on, like Amazon's extraordinary earnings surprise…

And the news media isn't the only culprit here, either. Big Government is getting in on the game, too, with health organizations underreacting, then overreacting, and issuing jarring headlines.

"CDC: Preparing as If Coronavirus Is 'the Next Pandemic.'" This led to a 250-point drop in the Dow on Jan. 24.

And lost amid all this noise is a Reality Gap between what's being said and what should really matter: the truth.

And the truth is we're turning the corner on this outbreak. As the very numbers the news media uses to whip up panic show, coronavirus cases are peaking. This means the end is in sight.

I know because I did something the news media won't do for you – I took a closer look at the numbers beyond the headline distractions. Let me show you… Full Story

Let me show you...


China's Lack of Coronavirus Control Could Keep the Market Falling This Week

I vividly remember flying into Hong Kong in 2009, when authorities started quarantining hotels on fears of the H1N1 virus – or swine flu – epidemic. The memories of the 2003 SARS virus were still fresh.

As I traveled through the area during that stay, I saw the surgical masks and armed guards present at a level well above what you were hearing about in the news here.

I'm reminded of that trip now that news of the new coronavirus hits U.S. markets. By Monday morning, more than 2,700 people had been infected, and at least 81 were confirmed dead.

I've spent a lot of time in that region regularly for many years. And one thing I feel watching all this news come out of China is that this is far more serious than they are letting on.

I'm not saying that to scare you. I only want you to be aware of what I see playing out, so you can be prepared. And with the right moves now, you will be.

The entire market is completely dominated by news of this virus and its spread, as well as the authorities' inability to contain it at this moment.

Bottom line: There's a lot of uncertainty, which has caused the market to currently fall about 1.5%. But based on what I see, that could turn into a 3% to 5% downturn – take a look… Full Story

Bottom line: There's a lot of uncertainty, which has caused the market to currently fall about 1.5%. But based on what I see, that could turn into a 3% to 5% downturn - take a look... Full Story


How You Can Turn a Tech IPO into an 863% Return

For years now, I've advised my readers about how the average retail investor should avoid buying high-tech IPOs when they first start trading. When you buy at the open, you really risk losing your hard-earned money.

Problem is, people just can't wait. They want in, and they want in fast.

But a little patience on the right stocks, and you can still play them post-IPO for big returns. When you wait to buy, you can ride the "bounce back" period to huge gains…

Had you followed this advice with the savvy cloud provider I'll tell you about today, you could have made 863% in just a little over five years. But if you bought at the open, you risked losing more than half your capital.

2020's IPO calendar is filling up fast, which makes this the perfect time to give you the best IPO profit strategy to follow – plus share with you the big post-IPO winner that could still double your money if you buy now… Full Story

2020's IPO calendar is filling up fast, which makes this the perfect time to give you the best IPO profit strategy to follow - plus share with you the big post-IPO winner that could still double your money if you buy now...


The 3 Top IPOs to Watch in 2020

It’s likely to be a blowout year for initial public offerings.

In fact, many observers think 2020 could be the largest IPO year yet, with some places like CB Insights saying there are 402 unicorns worth $1.3 trillion in total potentially going public in 2020.

That’s why Money Morning is bringing you the three top IPOs to watch in 2020.


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These “Big A” Stocks Can Put Your Grandchildren Through College

You remember those FANG stocks? They were the stocks you couldn't afford not to own for years. There was, as we have discussed many times, simply no reason to leave 'em behind.

It's a different story now, though. Two of the four original FANG stocks are likely to fall precipitously next year, if not fail outright within the next five years.

You've got to reshuffle the proverbial deck if you want to stay in the hunt for big profits. And you want to start by investing in a group of very special companies that pay you to buy their stock.

I call 'em the "Big A's" – and they could return five times the broader markets over the next five years. They could also account for more than 50% of all stock market gains in the next decade.

The "Big A's" are where you want to line up big future profits now. So let's get to it...


Why Sprout Social Stock Is Not a Buy After the IPO

Sprout Social may be a popular up-and-coming marketing technology firm, but that doesn't make Sprout Social stock a buy after its IPO.

That's why, today, we're going to break down the case for investing in Sprout Social stock and why it may not be worth the investment.

Plus, we'll also show you Money Morning Defense & Tech Specialist, Michael A. Robinson's, favorite pick to profit from 2019's IPOs that has completely crushed the broader market.