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The 2 Best Stocks to Buy This Holiday Shopping Season

While Inc. might be on your list of the best stocks to buy this holiday shopping season, you'd be missing out on some excellent investments if that's your only pick.

Yes, Amazon gets a good portion of the U.S. volume of post-Thanksgiving shopping, which is why it's on our list today. But the Internet is global. And the second stock we'll show you today can give Amazon a run for its money.

In fact, the retailer at the top of our list produces more profits in just five minutes than Amazon will generate in a single day. Even better, it costs much less than Amazon stock.


Alibaba Stock Just Got a $30 Billion Buy Signal - Here's How to Find the Next Winner

Last Sunday (Nov. 11), Chinese retail juggernaut Alibaba Group Ltd. (NYSE: BABA) held its tenth annual Singles Day sale, a 24-hour sale commemorating China's Singles Day holiday.

While Alibaba's previous Singles Day sales are legendary for their staggering profit, this year's sale blew past records out of the water.

In just 24 hours, Alibaba raked in $30.3 billion in sales - a 27% rise over last year's total of $25.3 billion.