Bank of America Corp


Here's the Best Banking Stock to Buy Today

Over the last six months, bank stocks have fallen an average of 10% as stock market volatility has repeatedly damaged investor confidence.

In the beginning of the year, many investors believed that new tax-reform policies and rising interest rates would drive bank stocks to new highs this year.

However, worrisome trends in global trade have prevented the financial sector from meeting expectations.

However, this is no longer the case.


This Is the Best Bank Stock to Buy to Crush This Earnings Season

Bank stocks have taken a beating this year. Over the last six months, the Financial Sector SPDR Fund fell nearly 10% as volatility and global trade fears sapped investor confidence.

You see, many investors expected rising interest rates and the 2017 tax reform law to drive the financial sector to consistent highs for 2018. However, unfavorable trends in global trade and increased volatility have kept bank stocks from realizing their real profit potential.

However, that's all about to change.

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Rises as Trump Questions Trade Relations with European Union

The Dow Jones today The Dow Jones projected a modest 20-point gain during Monday morning's premarket trading.

The uptick came despite a controversial statement made by President Donald Trump on 60 Minutes last night.

When asked to identify America's "biggest foe globally right now," Trump included the European Union citing his outrage over trade relations between the two partners.