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3 Stocks to Buy Before July 1

Summer is one of the most seasonally weak times of year on the markets; there are rallies here and there, but unless you're onto the right stocks to buy, you can miss out on what profits there are.

Chris Johnson has three strong summertime stocks to buy today.



3 "Forever Stocks" to Buy and Hold Now

Finding stocks that return 50 to 100 times your original investment requires two steps.

First, identify those companies with the type of business model that should adapt to changing business conditions and survive tumultuous change for a very long time.

If you want to own the types of businesses you can own forever and never spend a minute worrying about what the stock price did on any given day, then you're going to want to read this...


The 3 Best Coronavirus Stocks You Can Buy with Just $1,000

The coronavirus pandemic and the economic chaos it unleashed has created new opportunities left and right for savvy investors.

We're not talking about investing in vaccine stocks either.

The world will be fundamentally changed even after the recovery.

Today, we'll show you how to capitalize on these changes by building a portfolio of coronavirus stocks that will come out on the winning end.

And you can build this portfolio for just $1,000.



Three of the Top REITs to Buy Now - One Pays 9%

Knowing where to start when buying REITs can be extremely difficult to decide. But lucky

for you, we have a secret weapon…

To determine the best REITs to buy, we use the Money Morning Stock VQScore™. This

proprietary ranking system tracks 1,500 of the most profitable companies in the world and

assigns each a score from 1 to 4.

The higher the ranking, the more likely the stock is poised to shoot to the moon.

Today, we uncovered the top three REITs to buy in June 2019.

Each REIT has a monster dividend, significant share price upside, and a VQScore that

signals a big return in the second half of 2019.

Here we go...

Trading Strategies

These “Own Forever” Assets Are the Best Way to Profit in a Constantly Changing Sector

The real estate landscape is changing, and as we all know, change creates opportunity. The real estate markets have, for the most part, recovered nicely since the crisis, and investors and developers alike have made tons of money.

Of course, during that decade, even as the profits piled up, the world changed – a lot. What was profitable in 2016 or 2017 could be a loser in 2019 or 2020.

It's my job to help get you out in front of the moneymaking trends that we'll see accelerate in the short and long term, to make sure your fair share of the gains ends up in your pocket.

So I want to show you an investment that will do just that...


My "Desert Island Stock" Gives You Four Companies for the Price of One

My friends who don't fully get my stock-buying habits often ask "if you could own one stock for the rest of your life," or "if you had just one stock to own while you were stranded on a desert island for years," what that stock might be.

They expect me to name some tech giant trading at multiples so high I'd need a NASA spacesuit to own it, or some biotech "just about" to "change the world," despite the very long odds on blind biotech bets.

Or a driverless car company… or a drone manufacturer… or some other firm making a device that everyone expects to be ubiquitous in a few years…

All super-sexy, exciting businesses, absolutely; fun to read about and speculate on, but not my cup of tea. And they're certainly not "the one stock."

Why? Because I have no idea which tech company will own 90% of the planet in 50 years, or which will be replaced in five years by a couple of dudes in Toledo building a gaming system in their garage.

When and if they reveal themselves, and they're selling cheap, maybe I'll buy 'em – maybe.

But I'd definitely buy the one company that'll make it possible for all these futuristic, expensive, super-sexy mega caps to do business at all...