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The Real Aramco IPO Value Could Be Slashed in Half

The Aramco IPO value is reported to be over $2 trillion, but that eye-popping number might not be the most accurate valuation.

Those massive numbers have caught investors' attentions, and they have a lot of people hoping to get a slice of the Saudi Arabia oil company.

But that historic valuation might not be completely accurate, and that means investors need to do some more research ahead of the Aramco IPO...


Why the Saudi Aramco IPO Price Might Not Be as High as Thought

There's a major discrepancy over the value of Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company, and that could have a big effect on the Saudi Aramco IPO price.

Saudi officials now say the $2 trillion Aramco IPO valuation could be off by more than $500 billion.

But the company's massive valuation continues to keep investors' attention, and it's also one of the main reasons investors should be cautious about the Aramco IPO...