Beyond Meat Inc


The Impossible Foods IPO Will Rise with This Secret Ingredient

The Impossible Foods IPO is coming.

And if it's anything like the Beyond Meat Inc.

(NYSE: BYND) IPO, you will want to pay attention.

Beyond Meat Inc.

(NASDAQ: BYND) popped 254% in the first three months trading on the NASDAQ.

Typically, as IPOs go, you might have expected a steep decline afterward.

Sure, we saw a decline as the IPO hype backed off.

But it wasn't all that major.

Since IPO, Beyond Meat is still up around 160%.

That's because everybody still expects the plant-based meat trend to be massive.

And Impossible Foods may have just what it takes to do even better than Beyond Meat...

Trading Strategies

Here's the Only Way to Profit from the Market "Bandwagon"

Ever heard the term "bandwagon fan"? Take the Pittsburgh Steelers, for example. They're the best football team in the NFL from where I'm standing.

But the Steelers were a steamrolling, unstoppable NFL "dynasty" in the 1970s. The Pro Football Hall of fame notes (and I can confirm), "Eight consecutive playoff berths, seven AFC Central titles, and four AFC championships from 1972 to 1979. The Steelers became the first team to win four Super Bowls and the only team to win back-to-back Super Bowls twice."

But the wheels fell off in 1980. The team went through a 26-year championship drought, until 2006's Super Bowl XL when – don't you forget it – the Steelers became the first wildcard team in the NFL to win three playoff road games and the championship. I stuck with 'em for those long years, but who knows how many fans went elsewhere.

Of course, those bandwagon fans came running back after the 2006 championship. You never want to be called a bandwagon fan because, let me tell you, Super Bowl XL felt a whole lot better for people like me, who'd stood by the team for those 26 dark years.

No wonder one of my 10 Commandments of Trading is: "Avoid running with the crowd." In other words, stay off the bandwagon unless you're actually in the driver's seat.

That's an approach that's made me one satisfied sports fan, but, more importantly, a really successful (read: "really wealthy") trader… Full Story

That's an approach that's made me one satisfied sports fan, but, more importantly, a really successful (read: "really wealthy") trader...

Trading Strategies

Profit on This "Bigger Than Tesla" Electric Vehicle Maker... Before Its IPO

When I was a kid, the electric vehicle was "Futureworld."

There were a couple here and there you mostly saw in magazines, or, if you were really lucky, you might've seen one on the road, but mostly they were something to daydream about and draw on construction paper.

But the truth is, electric cars have been with us since the 1880s. They even held land-speed records until 1900 or so.

Click here to take a look at the "Tesla Model S" of its day, the Columbia Electric Victoria, cruising down Pennsylvania Avenue in front of Teddy Roosevelt's White House.

Those must have been some heady days back then, because, when I was young in the 1970s, electric cars really weren't all that impressive except in kids' drawings.

Check out the Sebring-Vanguard Citicar, a really funky-looking boxy wedge that packed 3.5 horsepower under the hood… or wherever the heck they put the battery.

It had a range of around 40 miles, could do the zero to 25 in just over six seconds, and the speedometer topped out at 38 miles per hour.

Believe it or not, this doodad was the top-selling electric vehicle of all time – about 4,500 were made – until Tesla Inc. came out with the Model S in 2012.

Electric vehicles are finally "here." To stay. They have nice, practical, long ranges and can easily do highway speeds (and a whole lot faster, some of them).

These things are taking over the automotive industry. BloombergNEF just reported that electric vehicles will account for 10% of global passenger sales by 2025. That number is expected to jump to 28% in 2030 and 58% in 2040.

And it's not just cars… 67% of city busses, 47% of mopeds and motorcycles, and 24% of light commercial vehicles will be electric by 2040, as well.

If you're into cars, it's really cool to see the electric vehicle trend build momentum.

And, if you're into making piles of cash, it's great news to see that EV makers are becoming diverse and profitable. In other words, you're no longer limited to "just" Tesla.

We've already had a taste of how lucrative this sector can be. I mean, Tesla just reached the highest market cap in the automotive industry – a cool $281 billion.

So, the assumed answer to "How do I profit from this electric car explosion?" is, "Simple: Buy TSLA shares."

And that's a great, long-term play.

But the truth is Tesla's ship has already sailed. The people who were going to make fortunes on TSLA shares have probably already made them. In terms of its real price and price/earnings ratio, it's one of the most expensive stocks on the market right now, trading north of $1,400 per share.

That begs the million-dollar question:

"Well, what company is the next Tesla?"

Here's your answer… Full Story

Trading Strategies

The COVID-19 "Meat Shortage" Is a Corporate Cash Grab; Here's How to Play It

I recently shared a mobile phone snap with my Straight-Up Profits readers. I was on a shopping trip here in my home state of Delaware…

At the time, I said there would be no food shortages, but that we'd probably have to settle for different food in different packaging – maybe less processed, maybe of a different variety.

Since then, the headlines about and statements from the food industry have only gotten worse.

Lisa Lochridge, director of public affairs for the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, says the food supply chain is in "a disastrous situation." And in an ad – a full page, no less, this past Sunday in The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, John Tyson, the board chairman of meat processor Tyson Foods, warns "the food supply chain is breaking."

And the statistics look scary, too. About 33% of U.S. pork processing capacity is down right now, and Tyson just closed its first large poultry plant.

"World's Biggest Wheat Supply Dries Up When Some Want It Most," declares a recent Bloomberg News headline.

Friends and even family are reaching out to me, worried about a pending food shortage. Who wouldn't be after seeing these headlines?

Well, I'm not – and you don't have to be, either. Because this situation is a classic Reality Gap – and another COVID-19 myth that needs handling.

Not only are we not about to run out of food, but there's a very profitable setup unfolding that could put a little extra something on your family table… Full Story

Not only are we not about to run out of food, but there's a very profitable setup unfolding that could put a little extra something on your family table...

Penny Stocks

Best Penny Stock to Buy This Week Gets a 1,747% Catalyst

The plant-based meat industry was estimated at $4.6 billion in 2018.

But UBS Group AG predicts it will grow to $85 billion by 2030.

That 1,747% growth is propelling our best penny stock to buy this week.

This penny stock is a backdoor play on a key contender in the plant-based industry.

And it's the top penny stock of the week, because right now is the perfect time to buy.

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