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Dow Jones Today Falls Over 180 Points as White House Proposes Additional Tariffs

The Dow Jones today fell over 180 points in Wednesday's premarket trading as trade tension between the United States and China escalated once again.

This morning, President Donald Trump's administration has threatened new tariffs on roughly $200 billion in Chinese goods.

This announcement comes on the heels of the last Friday's imposition of $50 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese goods.


What Is Hulu's Stock Price?

With the streaming industry growing to reach 232 million users, many investors are wondering what the price of Hulu stock is.

However, Hulu is a private company and is unavailable on public stock exchanges at this time.

While Hulu isn't a public company yet, there are still plenty of profit opportunities available in the online streaming industry.

Today, we'll show you how you can take advantage of the immense profits coming from the streaming industry and how you can even invest in Hulu before it goes public...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Moves Higher as Comcast Makes Bid for Fox

The Dow Jones News Today: The Dow Jones Futures projected a 35-point gain after Comcast Corporation has made an aggressive offer for the assets of 21st Century Fox.

The cable and internet giant has offered $35 per share, countering the offer recently made by Walt Disney Co.

The all-cash offer is a 19% premium to Disney's offer and brings Fox's valuation to $65 billion.

Shares of FOX gained nearly 1% in premarket hours.


What Is the Price of Hulu Stock?

Many investors are wondering what the price of Hulu stock is. However, because Hulu is still a private company, it is not available on any public stock exchanges.

Fortune states that Hulu explored an initial public offering in 2010. However, Wall Street pushed back at the idea – at the time, the company streamed its content for free and had no monetization plan in place. Hulu ended up abandoning the idea.

Whether you can invest in Hulu or not, it makes sense to look at video streaming as a source of profits. After all, this is a booming market.

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You Could Make 10 Times Your Money If the Fox-Disney Deal Dies

If one thing's clear from this year's ridiculous market whipsaws, changing North Korean narrative, and plunging crypto prices, it's that a lot can happen in just the first five months of a new year.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in The Walt Disney Co.'s potential $52 billion acquisition of most of Twenty-First Century Fox Inc.'s assets, a deal that seemed like a foregone conclusion when I first wrote about it in December.

But then Comcast Corp. jumped in with a counteroffer that Fox rejected in lieu of a deal with Disney. That didn't hurt Comcast's confidence, however, and the firm is now expected in June to propose a $60 billion counter-counteroffer.

On top of all this is the already full-fledged bidding war for British media giant Sky Plc., which has received offers from Disney, Fox (which already owns roughly one-third of the company), and Comcast. The British Panel on Takeovers and Mergers has ruled that if the Disney-Fox deal goes through, Disney must buy the 66% of Sky that Fox does not already own within 28 days.

All of these plot threads are quickly becoming more complicated than the Marvel Cinematic Universe on steroids.

Now, I typically don't give much attention to these deals, since I'm all about unreasonably good bargains – and these mega-deals often leave us with overpriced assets that aren't even worth a passing glance.

But the messiness of this Disney versus Comcast battle, as well as its ensuing governmental "oversight," opens up a unique profit opportunity I'm finding irresistible this time around...

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Dow Jones Today Surges Ahead as Investors Consider the Prospect of 4% U.S. GDP Growth This Year

The Dow Jones today continues its record-breaking streak as JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon says 4% GDP growth is possible this year with the new tax plan.

Dow futures are up 102 points this morning as investors find new confidence in this bear-punishing bull market. The prospect of 4% GDP growth provides a fundamental underpinning to this record breaking stock market.

Here's a look at today's most important market events and stocks, plus a look at today's economic calendar...