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Why Is the Ethereum Price Rising?

The Ethereum price is rising because of increasing institutional interest combined with a crisis in the Bitcoin community.

The price of Ethereum is up 250% over the past month. Part of that is capital flowing out of Bitcoin as fear grows of a "hard fork" that would create two competing versions of Bitcoin.

But the Ethereum price would be rising regardless of Bitcoin's woes.

Here's why Ethereum has become a cryptocurrency to be reckoned with...

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The Secret to Fast, Reliable Triple-Digit Gains

I played basketball in high school long before I was an engineer or a trader. Our archrival was Blacksburg High – the nemesis in what was our biggest game of my senior year.

A guy called Mark was guarding me throughout this game. He was a good player and excellent all-around athlete; he was certainly bigger, faster, and stronger than I was.

But Mark didn't know I had one killer advantage. I practiced basketball. A lot. Especially my signature "crossover" move – a fake in one direction followed by a quick step in the other direction, so you cross over in front of your man in a way they're not expecting.

I drilled so consistently and thoroughly on this move, I could pull off a perfect, devastating crossover in my sleep, if I do say so myself.

So when the time came, I easily left this bigger, faster, stronger player in the dust to make a fourth-quarter layup that gave our team the lead for good.

Today, as a trader and investing educator, I'm here to tell you that making your first million in the markets isn't a bit different from making the trip "all the way to the net."

I'm going to show you how my approach "scored" four triple-digit gains in a little over two hours one day, just a few of the 16 triple-digit profit paychecks I've recommended for my trading service readers in 2017.

Execute your trades the same way, and you'll make layup after extremely profitable layup with your own money...