Marijuana Industry

Ending Cannabis Prohibition Could Create $130 Billion in Revenue, 1.6 Million Jobs, and Unprecedented Wealth

Nearly a century ago, in 1929, the Great Depression hit the United States – shuttering businesses, devastating families, and changing the U.S. economy forever.

Meanwhile, alcohol prohibition in the United States – which began in 1920 – was in full swing.

And so was the black market it created.

But public opinion about prohibition began to change dramatically during this time.

Folks started to realize that all those tax dollars legal alcohol sales had been bringing in before prohibition were now being lost – an estimated $11 billion that could have flowed into the U.S. economy when it needed it most.

And they also realized that the hundreds of thousands of jobs the legal alcohol industry had previously created could help get people back to work.

Fortunately, the federal government came to its senses, and its repeal of alcohol prohibition in 1933 ended up being a major catalyst for bringing this country out of the Great Depression.

Fast-forward just a bit, and the U.S. beer industry was responsible for creating 2.19 million jobs that paid more than $101 billion in wages and benefits in 2018.

As we speak, the United States is grappling with an eerily similar scenario.

It's a scenario that, as we've seen with the beer industry, could generate billions and put people back to work.

It's also a scenario that will be incredibly lucrative for you… Full Story

It's also a scenario that will be incredibly lucrative for you... Full Story