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How One Quick Cell Phone Pic Captured $2.9 Billion in CBD Profit Power

I made a big call at the very end of 2018.

I did it because the results I was seeing in my proprietary "NICIlytics" cannabis stock analysis were crystal clear: A monster investing trend was beginning to get underway…

So I felt perfectly comfortable predicting "2019 will be the Year of CBD."

In January, CBD was a small niche, a little-known supplement sold only through websites, a handful of health- and wellness-oriented stores, and special pilot programs.

Barely five months into the year, and we're seeing CBD-infused products sold nationwide.

Online, of course, but also in shoe stores, malls, and major drug store chains.

Although the CBD boom is still in its very early stages, I still manage to be (pleasantly) surprised by how widely it's spread in such a short time.

In one case, it literally snuck up on me – though I was happy to see it.

Let me show you a quick picture I snapped at the grocery store the other day. In just this one cell phone snap, I captured some potent CBD stocks...


The Secret to Picking the Best Pot Stocks (and Skipping the Lousy Ones)

Right now, we're in the middle of earnings season, along with the lucrative U.S. cannabis industry.

Now, earnings reports are a great tool, but only if you know what to look for.

That's why today, Greg's going to share the "magic formula" he uses when looking through every single cannabis earnings report.

It's as easy as knowing the three things to look for and the three things you should always ignore...