Best Marijuana Stock You Won't Find on Robinhood

With legal cannabis still an emerging market, it can be difficult to find a marijuana stocks the major exchanges.

As a result, you may have a hard time finding them on Robinhood.

To invest in all the best cannabis stocks, you need to look at the over-the-counter (OTC) markets.

This is where you can trade stocks and other securities without the supervision of a central exchange like the New York Stock Exchange.

Money Morning's Chris Johnson has one marijuana stock pick on the OTC exchanges that deserves your attention today.



Expect Fast Doubles on These Two Penny Stocks

Not long ago, Amazon investors who bought in at $1,000 had to get through two and a half years of ups and downs before the stock reliably traded above $2,000.

That's a lot of headache for a double, especially when you consider penny stocks that trade for a very small fraction of the price can double much faster.