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10 Top Penny Stocks to Watch This Week - and One to Buy

Healthcare stocks dominated last week's 10 top penny stocks, with the top penny stock locking in a 60% gain.

Last Thursday (Sept. 13), shares of My Size Inc. jumped from $0.91 to $1.44 – a gain of 59%.

While My Size noted that there was not significant development to account for the company's sudden stock jump, investors leaned into the rally, closing the company's stock out on Friday with a 60% gain.


This Top Penny Stock Just Jumped 542% - Here's the Next One to Buy

Last week’s 10 top penny stocks were dominated by a cutting-edge information technology firm from Irvine, California.

On Friday, Netlist Inc. closed out a 542% gain on news that courts litigating a patent lawsuit involving Netlist has sided with the California-based firm.

According to a press release, an administrative law judge sided with the firm on a key claim related to the development of one of the company’s most profitable patients.

According to company CEO C.K. Hong, the decision will allow the United States International Trade Commission to make a definitive decision on the case within the next few months.