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Three Stocks: Semtech, Apartment Income REIT, and Dell

Semtech   I can’t believe my eyes. Semtech (SMTC) is not healthy, the stock’s overvalued, it’s low quality, and growth is unstable. Yet, shares are up 23% since reporting earnings on March 28. I wrote about it here. And the saga continues – because the stock is up another 6% today… for no reason. We […]

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Trading Strategies

How to Play Snowflake Stock Now

The Snowflake IPO certainly had an impressive run, and its stock more than doubled at its debut, leaving it with a value of around $70 billion.

Though the stock did dip a little on Thursday (it did climb back up mid-Friday), it hasn’t stopped a small group of insiders and pre-IPO investors from boosting their net worth.

But here’s how regular investors should play it….



Here's a High-Profit "Kicker" for Your Microsoft Stock

I've recommended Microsoft several times over the years, each time with more conviction as its Azure service solidifies its position alongside Amazon Web Services as one of two "kingpin" players in Cloud computing.

That hasn't changed, and it won't anytime soon.

But today, I'm recommending it for a reason that's much more immediate and tangible in our everyday lives.

See, in as soon as 90 days, "Mr. Softy" will hit markets with an upgrade to its signature Windows operation system.

That move is going to catalyze incredible profits from here – and, yes, that's really saying something, considering…

  • The four times we've already doubled our money on Microsoft.
  • The fact that MSFT shares are up more than 46% (against the NASDAQ's 42%) since the March bottom.

So, by all means, put Microsoft in the very bedrock of your portfolio. But I'm going to tell you about another holding I think will work with Microsoft to put you over the top.

In other words, own this, and do even better in the long run… Full Story

In other words, own this, and do even better in the long run... Full Story


Markets Live Recap: Dow Drops 700 Points as Coronavirus Concerns Grow

Stocks fell sharply today as investors grew worried about the increasing number of newly confirmed coronavirus cases, which raised concern about the economic reopening and recovery.

The Dow dropped 711 points, or 2.7%. The S&P 500 traded 2.6% lower, while the Nasdaq slid 2.1% (its first daily decline in nine sessions).

The major averages hit their lows of the day after Florida said its confirmed cases jumped by 5,508 on Tuesday, a record.

They now total 109,014.

The state also said its positivity rate rose to 15.91% from 10.82%.

Meanwhile, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut governors ordered visitors from certain hotspot states to quarantine for 14 days.

At one point, the Dow had fallen more than 800 points.

Here’s what our experts – Chris Johnson and Andrew Keene – saw throughout the volatile trading session.



Should I Buy Endeavor Stock?

On May 23, UFC and Miss Universe owner Endeavor Group Holdings Inc. (NYSE: EDR), filed with the SEC for its IPO. That has investors wondering if they should buy Endeavor stock. Endeavor stock has Wall Street hyped up. That's because Endeavor is the biggest talent agency in Hollywood. While it sounds tempting to buy Endeavor […]