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Dow Jones Industrial Average Plunges Again: What to Do Next

At times like the present, one question inevitably rises to the very top of the heap… what do I do next? Sadly, millions of investors will never know.

For them, the markets are like a one-way street to financial hell. Lacking any sort of cohesive plan, they lurch from one "investment" to another only to doom themselves to sub-par returns.

Fortunately, you're not among them. You're here, and that gives you a tremendous advantage, especially on days like today, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummets.

So let's tackle that question with an answer that is as powerful as it is simple. And, while we're at it, let's highlight a recommendation that's uniquely suited for today's chaotic markets...

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Why the Dow Jones Industrial Average Is Falling Today - 1/5/16

Good morning! Dow Jones Industrial Average futures today (Tuesday, Jan. 5) were down 34 points ahead of the opening bell.

A massive sell off in the Asian markets triggered circuit breakers that suspend trading during times of massive volatility yesterday, and the U.S. markets are still reacting to the news.

Here's what else investors need to know about the Dow Jones Industrial Average today...