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We Predicted This Gold Price Jump; Here's Where It's Going Next

In last month’s update, I said I wouldn’t be surprised to see gold price at $1,500 before the year is up.

And it only took three weeks to get there.

Now, while there’s potential for some correction along the way, I have reason to believe the price of gold is aimed at $1,600.

But we’ll start with why gold is up $100 in the last month.



Why the Price of Gold Could Reach a Five-Year High of $1,500

Just 30 days ago, gold was still trading below $1,340, and yet gold bugs were enamored.

Today, there are many indications the price of gold is ready to soar well beyond the $1,400 mark.

Gold certainly could sense when the Fed was about to telegraph its potential return to easing through lower rates.

In the first half of June, the price of gold had already moved up by $60, or 4.7%, from $1,280 to $1,340.

Since then, gold has re-tested the $1,400 level as traders have been taking profits. What was once the ceiling for gold price is quickly becoming the floor.