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Should I Sell My Stocks Now?

Uncertainty in the stock market is about as high as it has ever been.

COVID-19 combined with election day tomorrow has investors asking themselves, "Should I sell my stocks now?" The Dow tumbled more than 900 points on Wed., Oct. 28 for its worst drop since June.

Then, it dropped another 150 points to close out the week on Friday, Oct. 30.

This week could see even more volatility...


We Predicted This Gold Price Jump; Here's Where It's Going Next

In last month’s update, I said I wouldn’t be surprised to see gold price at $1,500 before the year is up.

And it only took three weeks to get there.

Now, while there’s potential for some correction along the way, I have reason to believe the price of gold is aimed at $1,600.

But we’ll start with why gold is up $100 in the last month.



Why the Price of Gold Could Reach a Five-Year High of $1,500

Just 30 days ago, gold was still trading below $1,340, and yet gold bugs were enamored.

Today, there are many indications the price of gold is ready to soar well beyond the $1,400 mark.

Gold certainly could sense when the Fed was about to telegraph its potential return to easing through lower rates.

In the first half of June, the price of gold had already moved up by $60, or 4.7%, from $1,280 to $1,340.

Since then, gold has re-tested the $1,400 level as traders have been taking profits. What was once the ceiling for gold price is quickly becoming the floor.



How the Price of Gold Could Be Getting an Even More Bullish Catalyst

The price of gold consolidated again last week, but that stage of the climb might already be over. If the "golden staircase" pattern continues, gold prices could jump higher again soon.

In fact, gold could get an even more bullish catalyst this year.

Here's my latest update and gold price target...


The Price of Gold Just Kick-Started a New Bull Run; Here’s the Next Target

The price of gold blasted higher on Friday, testing the $1,300 level and adding new momentum to the bullish gold sentiment.

Still, that psychologically significant price remains elusive. But in my view, that's not likely to be the case for long.

I'll tell you exactly why below...


Juice Your Profits as Gold Prices Rise with This Simple Play

After a blistering rally in gold prices since mid-December, the precious metal is finally gearing up for a bull market run.

That rally vaulted gold from $1,237 to almost $1,300 – a 5% gain in a month.

That's creating a rare new opportunity for gold traders, and I'll show you my simple recommendation on how you can "juice" your gold profits...


The Price of Gold Is Forming a Lucrative New Pattern

As the price of gold continues to fight to for a breakout above $1,230…

Gold's dip attracted safe-haven buying as well as short covering, causing the metal to bounce back.

And as we head into the final stretch of 2018, gold prices could see another round of supportive buying as investors look toward the uncertainly of 2019.