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This Merger Is the Latest Catalyst for Marijuana Stocks in 2019

The biggest source of news for marijuana stocks in 2019 has undoubtedly been the rush of mergers and acquisitions in the industry.

Mergers and acquisitions can have serious benefits for investors. Companies being purchased can see their share prices skyrocket. The acquirers can benefit from the mergers, creating new synergies for their companies.

And the merger we're about to discuss could be one of the biggest catalysts yet for marijuana stocks in 2019...

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This Cannabis Niche Could Deliver Outsized Returns in 2019

If you were following along, then you know that the entire marijuana sector had a pretty great 2018, Canada legalized cannabis at the national level, and California began sales of fully legalized weed for recreational use, to name a few.

But all this will pale in comparison to what's coming in 2019.

In fact, I believe one segment in particular will outperform everything we saw last year combined...