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This Month Could "Make or Break" The Gold Market

Right now, you may be wondering whether it's time to buy some extra bullion.

I don't blame you.

As you know, I don't consider myself a gold bug, but I do track the metals weekly in my Wall Street Examiner Precious Metals Pro Trader. Those of you who are gold bugs (and I have deep respect for you) can use that information however you see fit.

I just tell you what the charts are telling me.

And right now, they're telling me that May is an absolutely critical month for gold.

Gold has traded in the same range for 47 of the last 52 months. It's easy to forget how gold used to move in sustained trends. Is it finally ready to make its move and start another sustained trend?

I'll tell you what you need to know about that in a minute, but first, let's take a look at the long-term and intermediate-term setups...

Trading Strategies

How This Winter Olympic Game Could Turn Your Next Trade into Gold

I don't know about you, but I was absolutely glued to the 2018 Winter Olympics.

There was a lot of history being made, from South Korean's first golds in specific events, to Chris Mazdzer's winning the first-ever U.S. medal in men's luge, to the U.S. women's gold medal in hockey.

Now, I was pretty much engrossed in every event that I could watch, but there was one in particular that I need to talk to you about right now.

And it's got everything to do with your next big win...

Market Crash

This Gold Bubble Has a Disturbing Secret Message for You

Today, I'm doing something a bit unusual.

Instead of our usual LAMPP update, I'd like to take a different tack… and show you a historical picture lesson that should scare the stuffing out of you.

Recently I've been thinking about the similarities between the current stock market environment and a few of the bubbles that I have experienced in a lifetime of following markets. While those similarities are scary, they prove nothing. Just because two different periods in different markets look alike doesn't mean that their denouements will be the same.

By the same token, to ignore the similarities and the warnings they represent would be foolhardy. So today I am showing you the pictures of several modern bubbles, starting with a recent and disturbing one in gold.

Maybe that's not enough to scare the bejabbers out of us, nor perhaps should it be, because there may still be time to watch and take action deliberately. If you have been following my recommendation to gradually liquidate your stock holdings and raise cash over the past four months, and the current three months if you started late, then you're in good shape to ride out the storm that I expect.

But the message in these charts is that maybe there isn't as much time as we think.

Here's the gold bubble - and several others - that tell you what you need to know...

Five Reasons Why Gold Will Soar in 2018

Bitcoin – a high-tech, 21st-century investment vehicle if ever there was one – soared from $1,000 to nearly $20,000… and back down to $13,100. It has, of course, got everyone riveted.

Stocks are going ballistic, too, with the market packing on more than 20% in gains over 2017.

And so it's been easy to overlook that 5,000-year-old, decidedly non-virtual asset: gold.

Its story hasn't been flashy; the yellow metal has had a tough time thanks in part to all those strong dollars sitting in optimistic, well-paid investors' pockets.

But, as our Director of Research Matt Warder is about to show you, the bottom is behind us and the way upstairs is wide open for gold gains – possibly even extreme gains – in 2017.

This ride is something no investor can afford to miss...


Here Are Rick Rule's Favorite Companies in 2018

When legendary resource investor Rick Rule names a stock pick, we listen.

His track record is nothing short of impressive. In fact, Rule is known for having the "Midas Touch" on Wall Street.

He's brokered incredible opportunities with massive returns, including:

10,614% on Arequipa Resources…

7,900% on Pan American Silver…

7,400% on Tenke Mining…

6,567% on Aurelian Resources…

Rule is the president and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc., a global merchant bank and investment manager focused on natural resources and precious metals.

He's spent decades dedicating his life to natural resource securities investing, and he's amassed a vast network of elite contacts in the industry along the way.

And he recently spoke with Kitco News about where he would put $100,000 in 2018 - specifically, which gold mining companies are at the top of his list...