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Why Garmin Stock Is a Great Buy Now

Garmin Ltd.

(NASDAQ: GRMN) has undergone a rather large transformation.

But when you think about its primary products, you cannot help but wonder how Garmin stock is becoming valuable again.

Money Morning’s Andrew Keene takes us way back to primitive times when we were all excited to have a GPS device in our cars.

After years of unfolding large paper maps to find our way, and then never being able to re-fold them to put back away, a GPS device that plugged into your cigarette lighter was better than cavemen getting fire.



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A “Comeback Kid” Stock You Can Cash In on Now

Today I want to talk about a stock that was a trailblazer in the early 2000s – and it's making a comeback.

I want to take you back to a time (not too long ago) when your cell phone wasn't right in your pocket.

Instead of using your smartphone's Google Maps app, you kept an actual foldable map in your car's console for long drives. And the day you finally got a GPS device was a day to be celebrated; no more printed out directions or taking a wrong turn. Your GPS told you exactly where you needed to go.

There was no question about who the top dog of the industry was… Full Story

There was no question about who the top dog of the industry was...