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2017 Stock Market Forecasts: What Wall Street Won't Tell You

The 2017 stock market predictions from Barron's are out, which means the "experts" are about to prove once again how bad they are at forecasting.

Investors who mistakenly trust these renowned Wall Street analysts are much more likely to lose money than to profit.

You see, Wall Street's stock market forecasts serve their agenda, not yours.

Here's a look at how bad these predictions are - and where investors can find much better advice...


Will the Gold Standard Return in 2017 Under Donald Trump?

Several voices in President-elect Donald Trump's circle of economic advisers have expressed support for putting the United States back on the gold standard for the first time since 1971.

The idea has the support of several prominent GOP lawmakers. Trump himself talked about it during the campaign. That means a return to the gold standard may well become an issue in 2017.

But much has changed since 1971.

Here's why turning back the clock is easier said than done...